Alternative Ways That You Can Wear Your Wedding Ring

Not every woman likes to wear her wedding ring on the traditional 3rd finger of her left hand and some would say tradition isn’t the only way to move forward. Of course, you want the ring to be on your person, and if you are looking for an alternative way to wear your wedding ring, here are a few creative ideas.

Make It Part Of A Stack

Stacking rings is all the rage and why not make your wedding ring a part of that? No one is going to know, except you, of course and you can switch back at any time. Some guys can get hot under the collar when they don’t see the wedding ring on their wife’s hand, hopefully, he is cool about the idea.

Go Hands-Free With A Necklace

That chic gold chain you love to wear can hold your wedding ring. Simply slide the chain through the ring and let gravity take care of the rest. You can have a special clip made to stop the ring sliding through the chain, or just let it hang like a pendant, either way, you have your symbol of love touching your skin at all times. If you are planning to tie the knot, talk to your partner about custom-made handcrafted diamond wedding rings Brisbane or a jeweller in your location can craft, and you can create a matching pair of wedding bands. The custom jeweller uses computer programs to create 3D images, allowing him to tweak the design.


Of course, you could slip the ring in a chain bracelet, although this might feel a bit strange. It depends on the ring design. If, for example, you are wearing a long-sleeve sweater that covers your wrists and you want to keep your wedding ring concealed, wearing it on your bracelet is one option. You could even have a special glass box made to protect the ring when being worn alternatively. If you have a charm bracelet, you could incorporate your wedding ring.

Swap Hands

If you’re heading to a really important job interview or business meeting, you may not wish to advertise the fact that you are taken. Simply swap the ring to your right hand. Flirting can be fun and when the time right, slip the ring back on your wedding ring finger, and normality returns. If you are looking for the ultimate bespoke wedding ring and you are living in Australia, check out a leading diamond jewellery Brisbane jeweller or do a quick online search to find a reputable jeweller near you, and start thinking about design.

As you can see, there are quite a few ways that you can wear your wedding ring and if you are looking to create the perfect diamond ring because you can’t find an existing one that works for you, the custom jeweller has you covered. Give him your budget and he can start to put together a design and that should lead to the ideal pair of wedding rings for you and your soulmate to wear. Thanks to Zoom, the entire process can be carried out remotely. When the rings are ready, you will be invited for a viewing at the studio.

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