The Ultimate Guide to Treating Eczema on Eyelids

Among the most devastating skin conditions you can suffer from is eczema. This is without doubt one of the most challenging skin conditions and dermatologists now say it makes up for over 15% of all patient cases they handle. Over 31.6 million Americans suffer from the condition, with 20% of children and 3% of adults showing with symptoms of a topic dermatitis, the most common form of eczema. Among the areas affected include the wrists, legs, and neck region.


However, the most challenging form of eczema to treat is eye eczema. The sensitivity of the eye region makes use of skin care products very risky. Some products in the store contain chemicals which can affect your eyes. It is for this reason that treatment of this form of eczema calls for a lot of care.

Background on Eczema

While treatment for almost allskinconditions is now possible due to advances in medicine, eczema poses a challenge because the cause has not yet been fully identified. A lot of research has gone into finding the cause, with genetics being mentioned among the top causes. There are many forms of eczema but atopic dermatitis remains the most common.

The main reason why eczema causes so much frustration to a patient is because of the unsightly scars and unceasing irritation. This means you will always find yourself scratching the affected area. Due to this, some scars end up becoming infected, which leads to more problems. Now that the skin is very sensitive, any condition becomes visible instantly and you will never be comfortable in your own skin.

Dealing With Eczema on Eyelid

With this insight, it is now easier to deal with eczema on eyelid. At the back of your mind, you must appreciate that this is a huge challenge because of the unbearable itch that comes with this form of eczema. Many people end up rubbing their eyes continuously and because of the thin skin around your eyes, it is easy for cracking or other forms of skin damage to occur.


Among the techniques you should use to avoid irritation which inevitably leads to scathing include:

  • Avoid direct pressure on eyes when showering –This is a common mistake most people make because it seems harmless. The pressure from the water nozzle on your eye skin will immediately lead to irritation. When showering, avoid direct pressure on your eyes by covering them with your hand.
  • Stay conscious of the danger – It takes willpower to stop rubbing your eyes. Most people do it when sleepy or tired and in case of eczema on your eye skin, things will just get worse.
  • Use a topical anesthetic cream – Sometimes the itch can seem irresistible. You can use a topical anesthetic cream such as Lidocaine cream, which is commonly used in tattoo removal.

Ring Finger Technique

When applying the Lidocaine cream, always use your ring finger to dab the skin because it exerts very little pressure on your eyelids. You should use a moisturizer before the Lidocaine cream. To hide any scarring, you can use creamy concealer in combination with a moisturizer.

Among the eczema treatments to avoid include use of steroid cream as these products can cause glaucoma in the long run and leads to reappearance of eczema.

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