5 Things That Every Woman Must Know About HCG Diet

Although obesity is becoming more common than ever today, the opportunities for weight loss are abundant as well. While eating right and regular exercise are the mainstays of weight loss, there are several diet protocols that have been acclaimed for quick and effective results. Among these is the famous HCG diet, which was devised decades ago and continues to be popular in the present time too. The diet protocol combines a low calorie diet with an HCG hormonal supplement that is to be taken in the form of drops or injections. Since this hormone is basically related to female reproductive function, there are some things that women specifically need to know about HCG diet.

1. What is HCG and how does it work for weight loss?

HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin, a natural hormone that is produced in abundance during pregnancy. It is synthesized by the placental cells, which leads to an increase in the level of the hormone when a woman is pregnant. Consequently, higher levels of the hormone in the urine serve as an indication of pregnancy.

Besides being related to female reproduction, the hormone also brings weight loss benefits. Basically, it accelerates the metabolism and results in rapid calorie consumption. Additionally, it acts as a natural fat burner and turns the accumulated fat into energy. In this way, it promotes natural weight loss, which is the reason that it serves as the foundation of HCG diet protocol.

2. How is HCG used as a part of the diet protocol?

HCG protocol is a combination of very low calorie diet and HCG hormone in supplement form. It comprises three phases- the loading phase, weight loss phase and maintenance phase. The loading phase allows high calorie diet along with the initiation of HCG, the weight loss phase encompasses very low calorie diet while continuing the hormone and the maintenance phase allows gradual increase in calorie intake while stopping supplementation.
HCG supplements are taken in the form of shots, drops or sprays, whichever method works for you. Besides this, there are specific foods that you are allowed and the ones that you need to avoid (foods high in starch, sugar and fats are to be avoided). Further, you need to stick to the 500 calorie limit during the second phase of the diet.

3. What are the benefits of HCG diet for women?

The biggest question which most women have before starting would be probably that is the HCG diet right for you? The answer in most cases would be yes, unless there are some other medical complications that you suffer from. The fact is that this is a protocol that promotes weight loss without keeping you deprived and has several other benefits as well.

Women who follow it report fewer cravings, higher energy levels and fewer mood swings. It also curbs the formation of cellulite in the body and keeps you looking fit and healthy. The hormone serves as an effective way to melt fat and burn calories by boosting the metabolic rate naturally without needing to exercise rigorously.

4. Is HCG diet safe?

Unless you suffer from a specific medical condition, HCG diet is considered completely safe and effective. All that you need to do is to stick to the diet and follow the instructions regarding its usage and dosing and you will experience great results within the shortest span of time. Thousands of dieters across the globe have experienced amazing results with this weight loss method.

Eating the right kinds of foods, adhering to calorie intake limits and enjoying your diet are just a few tips that can help you to increase the efficacy of the diet plan. In fact, this is much easier to follow as compared to other contemporary diet plans.

5. Is HCG useful for infertility treatment as well?

The answer is yes as this hormone is used for treating female infertility as well. Women who struggle with ovulation issues are given HCG injections to regulate their ovulation cycles. It is also used as a part of IUI and IVF treatment protocols to stimulate ovulation and prepare the egg to be fertilized by the sperm for a successful cycle.

When women undergoing treatment is administered the injections, they produce larger number of eggs, which increases their chances of getting pregnant after insemination (IUI) or fertilization (IVF). In this way, the benefits of HCG hormone extend beyond weight loss as it can help women combating infertility issues too.
These facts about HCG diet for women are invaluable as they give you ample guidance about doing it right for getting best results. Hope you will follow them and achieve healthy and sustainable weight loss with minimal efforts!

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