Top 5 Ways to Style a Nehru Jacket

With the evolving trends in fashion, dressing up is not limited to suiting the personality anymore – it is about expressing yourself through clothes. It might sound overwhelming but in reality, it is fun to play with your clothing pieces and accessories. And, with the wedding season around the corner, it is time to focus on articles that will enhance your outfit game and make you look classier. One such thing is Nehru jacket for men, which is highly trending. 

To help you prepare for the weddings that you are to attend, we will discuss 5 ways in which you can style a Nehru jacket. So after reading this article, you will not only be able to go with the latest fashion trends but also find out what suits you the most. So, without further delay, let us begin!

1: Wear a jacket casually with a tee

You might be surprised to hear this but you can now find a casual Nehru jacket for men in the market and then pair it with your favourite solid-coloured tee. This will give you a classy yet funky look, all at the same time. 

2: Wear a formal Nehru Jacket to a business meeting

We all know that Nehru jackets for men are available in formal sections as well. So you should add one to your wardrobe to pair it with shirts and formal trousers. Not only can you attend business meetings in these, but also festive occasions. 

3: The perfect clothing for ethnic wear

India is a nation where festivals are always around, if not weddings. And with the most graceful options related to ethnic wear, it is time for you to buy a Nehru jacket for men that you can wear with a pair of kurta-pajamas. In case you wish to wear solid coloured kurta, then you can opt for a printed jacket that adds contrast to the outfit. 

4: Wear jackets in your daily life.

Nehru jacket for men is trending and due to their evergreen nature, you can wear them in your daily life. All you need to do is buy a casual jacket that looks simple and plain. Then, wear it over your regular clothes like tee and trousers or kurta-pyjama. In fact, if you think your outfit is too boring, you can even add colour to it by opting for a Nehru jacket of a solid bright colour. This will make your outfit look simple and classy. 

5: Wear a Nehru Jacket on a sherwani

Sherwanis are the go-to dresses for men, especially during the wedding season. So, to enhance your look, consider wearing a Nehru jacket and stun the outfit. You can go for a contrasting shade that makes your Nehru jacket complement the sherwani or if you want to keep it simple. So, you can choose one that is from the same colour palette as your sherwani. Both of these looks will make you stand out from the crowd.

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