Confidence and comfort are the two terms that are directly proportional to each other while wearing any dress whether it is party wear or a casual dress. Before wearing any dress you need to make sure that the dress you are going to wear will boost your confidence and this can only happen if your dress is comfortable. Being a girl while wearing any dress you need to keep a check on your bra also. Because if the bra is comfortable according to the dress requirement, the person automatically slays in a respective dress.  Many times you decide to wear a dress but you end up putting it in a rack because of the inappropriate bra for that dress.

There are a lot of tricks to encounter this problem nowadays to avoid uncomfortable mishaps. One of Hollywood tricks to make your garments secure and to lift your boob, boob tape is the right choice. It is a game-changer for those who want support for their boobs and want to become comfortable with an invisible bra. Boob tape is an adhesive strip of fabric to keep breasts in a fixed position. It is often used by many Hollywood celebrities to lift their boobs.


There are various kinds of boob tapes available in the market that vary from one another.


It is a cloth-based adhesive that is used for cables and any other surface. It was first used by KIM KARDASHIAN in order to lift her boobs by taping it all around the breasts. According to her, this was the strongest tape to lift the boobs.


It is used basically by athletes to avoid any kind of injury and is also used as a first-aid recovery. It is specially designed for skin and is ideal for direct application on the skin. So, It can be used for taping the breasts. Although it is not as strong as Gaffer tape but can be considered for taping purposes. 


This tape is specially used to ensure that your boobs stay where you want them to be. This tape is best, especially while wearing deep necks as it helps to avoid unnecessary flashing and revealing of boobs.


When you use boob tape, there are more chances that you will sweat because of weather conditions. To look confident and comfortable it is also important to smell good because if someone feels stingy while hugging you or coming closer to you. It will ruin your whole impression and will spoil your confidence level. So, Always use perfume or roll-ons especially while using boob tapes. Check out Cologne Hunt to buy the best affordable perfumes.


There are three steps to tape your boobs in the best way.

1. Patch test

2. Skin Preparation

3. Taping the boobs


Before using boob tape on your skin you should first do a little patch test in order to avoid any skin irritation. Many times our skin reacts to the glue of the tape. For this purpose cut a small piece of tape and apply it as long as you expect to wear your boob tape on the area that is similar to your boobs and record the reaction of your skin.


After determining your skin type you need to prepare your skin. In order to prepare your skin, you need to clean your skin from any kind of lotion or oils properly otherwise tape won’t stick to that area.


1. Measure the tape that is long enough from the bottom of your boobs to the back of your shoulder. After lifting up your breasts, carefully apply the tape starting from the bottom side of the boobs and take it all the way up to your shoulders reaching the back of your shoulders for maximum hold.

2. Repeat the whole process with two more strips of tape. Before taping the boobs, cover your nipples with cotton pads.

3. Repeat the same process on the other breast also.


The best method to remove the tape is by taking a hot bath. In this way, it will loosen its grip over the skin and will be peeled off easily. After peeling it off, apply olive oil to your skin to soothe it.


There are some precautionary measures that should be kept in mind before using the boob tape to avoid any mishap or discomfort.

1. Don’t tie the tape too tightly around your boobs so tightly that it can restrict the blood flow making you uncomfortable and can cause some internal injury also.

2. Keep in mind the temperature while taping the boobs because if it’s too hot the sweat of your body can affect the skin as well as the tape.

3. Don’t tie it even so loose that you can’t even get the desired shape and look of your dress and will eventually become less confident.

4. Practice makes a man perfect. Always do a lot of practice taping the boobs in the best way before going out for some special event.  


In concluding the whole discussion, the Best boob tape can be chosen after proper research. Always choose the boob tape in which you are comfortable and is best for your skin type by using all the types so that you can get the exact idea of the best one. For mastering taping the boob tape, you must follow the steps properly with a lot of practice.

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