Add Temple Jewellery In Your List For This Wedding Season

Come the wedding season and the jewellery shopping scenario goes abuzz.  The gold jewellery in Ahmedabad is further enriched by the presence of the excellent temple jewellery. Looking mesmerizingly elegant, enchantingly aristocratic and exquisitely crafted, it makes the bridal trousseau go many notches higher.  Why just the brides, any woman who loves flaunting regal vibes during this wedding season must own these spellbinding pieces of jewellery. 

What makes temple jewellery so special?

Temple jewellery comes with centuries of historical and high-end aesthetics with it. It is believed to have originated in the 9th century during the times of the famous Chola dynasty and is inspired by the walls and pillars of the awe-inspiring temples built during that period. 

Traditionally set in pure gold as its core metal, temple jewellery is celebrated for the idols of Gods and Goddesses making a beautiful appearance on it. It also flaunts other delicate and decorative elements like a swan, peacock, serpent, mango, flowers, vines and many other lovely motifs.  Along with the charismatic glow of gold, temple jewellery also includes precious and semi-precious stones such as emeralds, rubies, kundan stones, polka, kemp stones etc. Ahmedabad’s jewellers bring you this terrifically traditional school of jewellery with an extensive range of ornament options to win your hearts.

Temple jewellery must-haves

If you want to get noticed for your grand aura as a bride, host or guest at a wedding, these hand-picked and trademark pieces of temple jewellery are the must-haves that you need to add to your collection. They can be worn at various wedding celebrations such as poojas, rituals, mehndi, sangeet, marriage ceremony as well as the reception. Read on and prepare your scintillating shopping list!

Nethi Chutti Mang Tikka

To get that perfect wedding look from the top to bottom, start it with the head accessories. Move beyond the mainstream mang tikka and opt for the divinely dazzling one from the temple jewellery style instead. Its nethi chutti mang tikka makes you stand out ravishingly with its unique but versatile shape suitable for almost all face cuts. From its modern design with stones studded on it, layered style to the single broad pendant tikka, you have quite some options here to choose from. The white stone nethi chutti mang tikka is already popular amongst the enthusiastic and fashion-loving brides.

Kemp necklace

The exquisitely artistic looking kemp stone necklace has often been the choice of the Indian classical dancers. It has now entered the bride’s trousseau too for being beautifully feminine, intricately crafted and charmingly celebrative. It quintessentially represents the temple jewellery genre and goes perfectly well with just about any kind of traditional Indian bridal couture. 


Another trademark necklace from the temple jewellery of South India is the very popular Kasumala. The top jewellers in Ahmedabad bring you the best of the lot when it comes to these timeless pieces. Thanks to the versatility of this trademark temple jewellery necklace, it can be worn with a rich Indian bridal saree, lahenga-choli, handloom fabrics or even a kurta. 

Devsena Earrings 

Having become a rage especially after getting noticed in a blockbuster South Indian movie, the Devsena earrings are probably one of the most trending crazes this wedding season. These statement-making earrings can be worn like a dream both an elegant Indian saree as well as the Indo-Western outfits and many options in-between. They go along well with the light and pastel colors and the deep and darker colors too of a wedding outfit

Lakshmi Earrings

An example of master craftsmanship and enchanting design concept, the Lakshmi earrings from the temple jewellery segment is another fad that is ruling the wedding shenanigans. Goddess Lakshmi represents wealth, luxury and prosperity. What can be a better element to flaunt on your ears than this at an Indian wedding razzmatazz? Predominantly crafted out of gold and often accompanied by gems and stones on it, the Lakshmi earrings are the perfect pick for the brides as they represent everything that the idea of an Indian bride stands for.

Vanki – a bajubandh/armlet

The top jewellers in Ahmedabad can impress you with some captivating designs of Vanki – the temple jewellery style bajubandh or armlet. This piece of jewellery is another must-have ornament that a bridal ensemble must possess with pride. From various patterns, motifs, embellishments, designs and shapes, a well picked Vanki bajubandh can bring about that distinct bridal accent to your appearance along with your temple jewellery like finger rings, bangles, bracelets or ‘kadas’. 

Vadiyanam – a kamarbandh

An exotic way to define your waist for that perfect appearance on your special day is to flaunt a mesmerizing Vadiyanam – a temple jewellery kamarbandh or belt. This alluring piece of ornament comes in various varieties such as in plain gold, crafted with pearls and beads or embellished with precious stones and gems. It speaks of the heritage aesthetics of India stemming from ancient times.

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