Where to Travel for This New Year Bash

It’s almost here! The best time of year, when we’re getting ready to say goodbye to all that’s in the past and open the door to all that the New Year has in store. And what better way to celebrate and embrace this event then by traveling to a cool destination for an amazing New Year bash?

If you and your friends are tired of organizing the same gatherings on New Year’s Eve and are looking for something to spice up the routine, the good news is that there are plenty of amazing places to visit for the occasion. Especially if you are the party animal type, who wants to spend the night on the dance floor with good music until sunrise, loves experiencing new tastes with cocktails, and just seeks a good New Year’s Eve party worth remembering, then you should certainly take a look at the following suggestions.

Why Travel for New Year’s Eve?

Allow yourself to experience something different, even if your budget for New Year is not a six digit one. Traveling to a new place for New Year’s Eve can not only offer the party night of your dreams but can enrich you with a new cultural perspective and understanding of how others celebrate the special day. You can also meet new people and share new experiences with the people that you will share the journey with. Set the start of a truly new beginning at a new place!

Tip: Don’t forget to plan in advance as good New Year’s Eve parties are usually sold out early. In addition, reserving your spot and buying flying tickets earlier will usually save you a decent amount of money that you can later use for the party or sightseeing while traveling.
Amazing Destinations to Visit for New Year’s

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta is truly capable of taking your breath away, and not only on New Year’s Eve! A sunny and beautiful destination, Puerto Vallarta is well known as a trendy beach resort and a lucrative tourist destination for travelers in search of magnificence. Puerto Vallarta is also a top-rated party destination and has been included in lists of top party places to visit. If you are in search of wild nights that never end – this is certainly the place for you!

For those of you with a bigger budget to spend on New Year’s Eve, we suggest trying the Puerto Vallarta New Year’s Eve Luxury Cruise along the coastline of Puerto Vallarta, where you can sip on champagne while absorbing the beauty of the city and the light of the moonlight. But if you are looking for something more lively and crazy, we highly recommend the Puerto Vallarta VIP New Year’s Eve Packages at the destinations top quality nightclubs! Dive into an epic bash with 24/7 fun, some of the world’s best DJs, live music, and more!


If you love a good party then you’ve most certainly heard of Ibiza! The winter season is by no means empty in Ibiza and there is a lot to do, especially around New Year’s Eve. Most of the destination’s super-clubs open their doors to party lovers for the special occasion meaning that the party never dies in Ibiza. The place offers something for everyone but there is a lot it can offer to those looking for the perfect New Year’s bash! Choose from party avenues such as the Heart Ibiza, Nassau Beach Club, DC10, or Pacha and let the night run wild!

Koh Phangan, Thailand

Koh Phangan is Thailand’s fifth biggest island and it offers visitors an experience of a lifetime! Surrounded by heart-warming beaches with clear waters and divine beauty, visiting this destination for New Year’s Eve will certainly add something new to your list of experiences. Take part in the eminent Full Moon Party that hosts around 30,000 guests every year and share cocktail buckets with your friends!

If you are a creative free-spirit you will love this party as young people from all over the world get together to celebrate New Year’s colored in glow paint and bathing suits!

Barcelona, Spain

Especially if you live in Europe, Barcelona is a relatively affordable place to visit and does not require a substantial amount of savings. The city is one of Europe’s most vibrant and colorful and its New Year Eve’s parties certainly don’t fall behind! Check out the massive dance party at Poble Espanyol, the popular open-air architectural museum or reserve your spot at places such as the Boca Chica or Soho House, depending on what your preferences for the night are.

You can also visit the Plaça d’Espanya on the night, where other travelers and locals get together to observe the pyrotechnics on Montjuïc. Prepare for a long night as the city never sleeps, especially on New Year’s Eve!

London, England

London takes center stage in any list of destinations to visit, including those with top suggestions for a great New Year’s Eve bash! Although the city is well-known for being a top center for financial enthusiasts and businessmen, don’t get confused! London has an amazing wild side and is host to some of the greatest parties out there.

Brick Lane offers a night to remember to those who appreciate the hipster style, while Mayfair hosts those who prefer a more luxurious but crazy night out. The popular fireworks display organized every year can be observed with a sky view from the Aqua Shard or the Savoy. In other words, London loves its visitors and organizes something for everyone for a mesmerizing time on New Year’s Eve!

Take your pick and make the New Year’s night difficult to forget! Most of the suggested destinations can be visited on a tight budget as long as you make your party plans early on and get tickets while they are still cheaper. We hope the list gives you more ideas on where to experience the best New Year’s Eve bash!

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