Do Not Miss Out On These Must Visit Places In Portugal

If you are headed to Portugal for your next holiday, it is time you make note of the must visit destinations. Portugal is a beautiful destination and is all about the food, people and boasts of a great coastline. You will simply fall in love with this beautiful destination and one visit is never enough for any traveler. When you visit Portugal, you will realize that there is so much to see and do here. However, there are a few places you should never miss out on when you visit Portugal.

1. Lisbon :

One of the most important tourist destinations in Portugal, it is one city which is frequented by every traveler. You can start your visit to Portugal from Lisbon and it will give you insights into what the country is about and what their people are about. One of the most favorite neighborhoods in Lisbon is Alfama. You can enjoy a great time at the bars and restaurants here.

2. Sintra :

Very close to Lisbon, lies Sintra which is a little town full of fun and colors. It is a charming town in its own simple way. You will notice the streets lined up with pretty cafes and playful colorful buildings located across the roads. Walk down the sloped alleyways and soak in the beauty of Sintra. There are some beautiful villas you will sight on your journey here.

3. Lagos :

The perfect place for beach lovers in Portugal, Lagos has colorful red rock cliffs and secluded beaches which will make you want to spend all your time there. When you reach Lagos, you will find value of every penny you spent on the holiday. It is a hot tourist destination where you can simply sit back and relax. Even if you are making a short visit to Portugal, this is one holiday destination you should not skip.

4. Pastéis de Belém :

A must visit place for every food enthusiast, Pastéis de Belém is home to some of the best tarts of Portugal. You cannot go to Portugal and not try the tarts there. The tarts have a warm egg center due to the high output and there is always a line of tourists waiting to get some for themselves. It is a famous place amongst locals as well. Do not miss out on this place if you are keen on trying new types of foods and want to taste a local delight.

5. Douro :

Douro Valley is located in the north of Portugal. It is a scenic landscape with excellent views and offers the best of Portugal in terms of beauty and food. You can simply hire a care and drive to this region.

6. Pena Palace :

While driving to Sintra, you will come across the Pena Palace. This place is located on the hill and overlooks the surrounding regions. Known as one of the most beautiful places in Europe, it is worth every minute you spend here.

7. Porto :

The second most popular city after Lisbon is Porto. The city is one of the most gorgeous in Europe and is worth a visit. It boasts of a rich past and a beautiful riverside. This is one place where you will get a different perspective about the city.

8. Aveiro :

Located on the west coast of Portugal, Aveiro is a beautiful coastal town which is not known to many. It is less crowd and is filled with colorful boars and welcoming locals. It is a hidden gem you should not miss out on.

A must visit destination for every traveler personality, you need to tick off Portugal from your bucket list at the earliest. You will have a memorable experience and an excellent time in this city. You have a lot to see and do when you are in Portugal hence, it is best to plan well in advance and ensure that you do not miss out on anything. There is no destination which is as beautiful as Portugal and is easy to reach. It is advisable to book the accommodation in advance in order to make the most of low fares. You can enjoy the delicious local cuisine and embrace the culture of Portugal.

Do not miss out on the above mentioned eight places to see on your visit. Whenever you travel to Portugal, keep an open mind and be open to new experiences and cuisines. Only then you will be able to make the most of this stunning land located in Europe.

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