How To Maintain A Fur Coat

Did you always want to be the owner if an incredibly luxurious item such as a fur coat? Especially the ones made from real hair? It is perhaps the most lavish fashion item, and being lavish come with a price. Fur coats are extremely high maintenance. The best thing about a good, high-quality fur coat is that it never goes out of style and goes with just about every outfit. But owning a fur is not enough; you must know how to maintain it as well. Here are a few tips on keeping your fur coat around for a long time.

Use A Proper Hangar

Always use a broad, padded hanger. This will help the fur keeps its shape, especially around the shoulder pads and the neck area. The hangar should also be large enough so that the neckline of the fur doesn’t rub the hook part.

No Jewelry, No Hairspray

Leaving jewelry pinned onto your coat can lead to matting of the fur, which will eventually deteriorate the quality. Hairspray, perfume or using anything with alcohol in its contents can harm the quality as well. If you want to make sure your fur coat has a long life, these little things will help maintain its longevity.

Don’t Sit On Your Coat

So this is a very basic thing, but quite important. If you wear your coat even while sitting, you risk the chance of crushing the fur and ruining it. The best long-term solution is to take off your coat while sitting down and hold it in your lap.

Store It In Dark

Fur is made from real hide, and that is why it will react to sunlight and other chemicals in the environment. Therefore, most fur sellers, such as will advise you to store it in special fur storage or use a dark, wide closet to store your fur coat.

Regular Checkup

Your fur is like a little baby, it needs a lot of care and regular checkups. At least once a year, you must get your fur coat checked and cleaned by a fur professional. The professional will also check your fur coat for any rips or stains, and they will also be able to fix that immediately.

Allow It To Breathe

When you store your fur coat in a closet, make sure that you do not put it in a plastic bag or a bag that is too tight. Use a proper cloth bag with a wide hangar to store it in a spacious closet; the leather underneath needs to breathe in order to remain strong and not brittle and rot.

Drying Your Fur

If your fur gets slightly wet, hang it in a room with good ventilation. Do not use any direct source of heat, such as a hair dryer to dry it off. However, if your fur coat gets completely wet, it is best to take your coat to a professional fur cleaner.

Did you know that your fur has natural oils, which is why it looks so lustrous? These simple care tips will help the fur coat maintain its natural oils, which are sometimes dried of by dust or dirt particles. A well-maintained fur can last up to 50 years. So how long do you want to wear your fur coat for?

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