Best Radios For Adventure Seekers

Mountains tend to attract hikers, adventurers and hunters into the most beautiful terrain of the world. You will also find people who are into a little soul searching headed towards the mountains. Mountains also have a major inconvenience of communication with the world. Those who head up to the mountains need to consider how they will remain in touch with people back home. If you are one of the adventure lovers or hikers, you need to think about the radios that can help you communicate while on the mountains.

Whether you are going only for a couple of days or back country camping, you might need to use the cell phone service. You never know when you need to contact help or look for the hiking partner you have split up with. This is where the best two way radios play a major role. They are the best tool for staying in contact in this uncharted territory. Again, if you are on a wetland delineation, you should always carry your radios along with you. Most people looking for two way radios are only going to spend a couple of days in the mountains and this is why they do not need anything costlier or heavy to carry with them.

Comparing the best two way radios

1. BaoFeng UV – 5R V2+ :

This particular two way rain is hand held and is a popular option for HAM operators. There are frequencies which might require a license for use. Its features include a narrow band with 128 channels which can be set to memory for the purpose of easy access. It allows you to easily navigate faces with an LCD display and gives you quick information about the settings which are currently in use. Most importantly, it also has an LED flashlight. It has a sturdy body and is highly durable. It has two power settings which allow you to switch from one to another with ease. You also get long battery life and it the volume can be controlled with a classic top turn knob. You can expect a range of 1 to 2 miles in the terrain. You can learn more about it on

2. Midland GXT1000VP4:

This is a mid price range option for a radio that can be used in the mountains. It comes with a three year warranty and is highly durable. It has a waterproof protection and you can have access to about 50 channels with the GMRS frequencies. There are a number of privacy codes for areas of heavy traffic. The ratio has 5 watts which is the maximum power you can have for a hand held device. It can be used for 11 hours with full battery charge.

Although there are many other options available in the market, these two are currently reigning the industry. You might have to consider a number of factors before you make a decision of buying a two way radio. These radios are durable, sturdy and available at an affordable rate.

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