Keep Yourself From Freezing Over This Winter With These 7 Stylish Tips

Cold mornings, early sunsets and more rain.

There is usually not a whole lot to like about winter. We have to face the reality of daily life and go outside during winter every once in awhile whether it’s to go to work, visit friends or out for dinner. One thing winter has going for it is fashion. Winter style has the added bonus of not only looking great but keeping the cold away.


In this article, we give you 7 stylish tips to keep you warm this winter without making it look like you’re going out to the North Pole.

1. Merino wool is exceptionally warm and super soft on the skin. It’s not heavy and prickly like the sweaters grandma used to knit at Christmas time. The world’s finest wool makes merino wool underwear a wardrobe must-have.


There are a range of high quality garments such as scarfs, socks and gloves that make the perfect addition to any outfit. What makes merino wool absolutely amazing is that it naturally resists bacteria. That means no odour on your garments which means you can wear them over and over again.

2. Winter is all about layering.

Your under layer should be thin and loose fitting where possible. Long-johns and thermal underwear are great for areas that are hard to layer like your legs. They work an absolute treat on those super cold mornings when you have to wake up at dawn and get to work.

3. A vest or sweater is perfect for providing that extra insulation and keeping the warm air on your body. Matching your sweater to your first layer such as your shirt is really important. You have to make sure the colours match. For example, a light blue shirt would work wonders with a dark blue sweater.

4. Vests and sweaters aren’t for everyone.

That’s why we all need a winter coat. Layers aside, this is the crème de la crème of winter fashion. You can make a bold statement with your winter coat. It can be as bright and outrageous as you want it to be. Coats are versatile. You can button them up for work and leave them unbuttoned for dinner or a movie.

5. With winter comes extra rain and ice. Strong footwear is a must but that doesn’t mean we all need steel capped boots. Whether it’s knee-high or ankle-high, boots are great for everyone.

6. Gloves are a must have and one of the few unisex items that exist in fashion these days. There are so many varieties to choose from it’s not funny. From merino wool to leather the choice is yours. The end result is warm toasty hands. For those who love using technology on their morning commute or find gloves really annoying, fingerless gloves is the solution. You get all the joy of warm hands coupled with the use of your fingertips. It’s a win-win.

7. A scarf compliments any winter outfit and can be worn on top of a sweater and whether you’re wearing a winter coat or not, it provides another opportunity for your outfit to shine. Scarves can be bold, quirky, printed or patterned. Whether tied around your neck or draped over your shoulders, a scarf is a must have fashion accessory for any wardrobe.

This winter not even the cold and rain will be able to keep you from looking your absolute best with our 7 stylish tips.

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