3 Things to Keep in Mind before Buying Metallic Bridesmaid Dresses

One of the major challenges that most of the brides generally face before their wedding is shopping for themselves and their bridesmaids. Why? Of course, because they’ll come across numerous gorgeous attires! And the more they get to see, the more confused they will become. When I went for my wedding shopping spree last year, I remember that it took me just one day to choose my bridal attire and accessories. But, when I had to shop for bridesmaid dresses, it took over a week. And I am pretty sure, there are numerous such would-be brides who face trouble while choosing bridesmaids dresses. However, there’s nothing to worry because through this blog, I’ll help you choose trendy bridesmaid dresses that’ll make your girl-gang look dazzling.


Now, you must be really desperate to know about the kind of bridesmaid dresses that I’m going to suggest, right? Well, keeping the current trends in mind, I would say choose sequined dresses for your ladies, so that they can look “smoking hot” on your d-day. One reason why many brides don’t purchase sequined bridesmaid dresses is because of the hefty price tags attached to them. But, if you look for sequined dresses online, then you’ll find numerous stores that sell attractive yet cheap bridesmaid dresses. So, browse the net right away and look for online stores that are selling scintillating bridesmaid dresses at affordable prices.

But, before purchasing stylish yet cheap bridesmaid dresses that have sequins all over it, there are certain things that you must keep in mind. Take a look.

  • Don’t stick to the common metallic colours- Generally, when it comes to choosing glittery or sequined bridesmaid dresses, people simply stick to just two colours- either silver or golden. But I would say, create a “mixed metallic look” that includes almost all metallic colours, in order to make your beauties look nothing less than a Hollywood star. Wondering, what colours you can include to create the “mixed metallic look”? Well, you can include dark-steel, silver, rose-gold, golden and copper. If you are thinking these metallic dresses are going to ruin their overall look, then that’s your misconception. These metallic colours are bang-on!
  • Hemline must be the same- When buying sequined or metallic bridesmaid dresses, make sure you choose the ones that have similar kinds of hemlines. Or else, it will become really difficult for you to create a cohesive look and your bridesmaids will end up looking inelegant. Hence, stick to just one hemline. However, the same rule doesn’t imply if your buy plain and simple bridesmaid attires.
  • Choose different necklines- If you are unable to find metallic dresses that have the same neckline, then do not worry. Visit more than one designer boutique and pick glittery dresses having different necklines. In fact, I would suggest opting for dissimilar necklines, so that you can create a mismatched look. If you are worried how it’s going to look, then do not worry much. There are numerous brides who have opted for sequined bridesmaid dresses having unlike necklines. And believe it or not, this looks amazing!


Now, when you know about the things that you need to keep in mind when buying metallic or full sequined dresses, rush to a reputed designer store or look for such fashionable yet cheap bridesmaid dresses online. I really hope that you’ll find the best attires for your bridesmaids. Thank me later!

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