June 1, 2017

Why Are Liquid Bandages Used For Antiseptic Treatment Of The Skin?

There are some cases of injury or wounds where traditional bandages fail to provide relief to the skin. Liquid bandages may be used in such cases to provide the appropriate antiseptic treatment for the skin. Such products are very useful for those cuts, wounds, scrapes and calluses that are often hard to cover. They are also helpful for use in patients whose skin is dry and cracked.

Silicone Gel Sheets

Liquid bandage India helps the wounded skin remain free from the risk of contamination. Liquid bandages form a tough protective cover around the skin which is waterproof but porous to help the skin breathe which accelerates the healing process. Similarly, this class of bandage is very helpful in giving protection to cuts and scrapes while preventing (and protecting) blisters. A liquid bandage is a liquid or semi-liquid material that is applied to a bleeding wound for healing purposes. It is made of a colorless adherent material that you can either spray or paint directly on the wound.

Why are liquid bandages preferred over traditional bandages?

The selection of this class of bandage is made not on the basis of the liquid bandage price but due to the anti-septic qualities provided.

Here are some of reasons –

  • Traditional bandages are not fit for certain wounds or cuts
  • They don’t provide as much ease of application as liquid bandages
  • Liquid bandages are very helpful when the wounded area is too big for a bandage to cover
  • The liquid bandages are safe and extremely cost effective because of being tape-less and gauze-less
  • These new-age bandages provide a waterproof, antiseptic and flexible protective cover that helps skin breathe
  • Traditional bandages may fall off during physical activity. Liquid bandages stay stuck firmly even with intense movements.
  • Made of an adhesive liquid, these special bandages cover virtually every skin area perfectly

Advantages of liquid bandage

Traditional bandages are presently used very commonly. However, they do not match up to the qualities and conveniences offered by liquid bandages. This is a reason why many patients now inquire about liquid bandage price in India and prefer using them over regular bandages.

Here are some of advantages of using liquid bandages –

  • Liquid bandages are highly absorbable
  • They are safe and cost-effective
  • Liquid bandages are easy to apply and can be sprayed or applied directly on the wound
  • Liquid bandages provide water-resistance thought they are not completely water-proof and let the skin breathe
  • This class of bandage prevents the wounds from being exposed to germs or bacteria even when a person indulges in heavy-duty physical activity. It does not fall off after intense activity or movement.
  • Liquid bandages are as easy to use as super-glues and work in a similar way to sticky glue
  • They are designed to close wound until the healing process is complete
  • They cover nerve endings so reduce the pain by a great extent
  • Liquid bandages help in wound healing by providing the right moisture balance to the surface of the skin
  • They are not only easy to apply but also simple to take off