How to Build the Coolest Ren Faire Outfits!

Sometimes they’re accurate with history and sometimes they’re wrong, but one thing that’s always certain is that you’ll have lots of fun at your local Renaissance Faire!

However, before you hop on your horse or Uber and head to the Renaissance Faire, you want to make sure you’re dressed for the part. But what are the best Ren Faire outfits? What is the appropriate Ren Faire costume?

This guide will help you find the best outfits for the big event.

Here’s what you need to know:


Before you think about your clothing, you should first think about your accessories.

For example, you should consider buying a Celtic knot ring collection. You can then rift through the collection to see which rings suit you. You can wear different rings on different days.

To Cloak or Not to Cloak

A common part of any Ren Faire costume is to wear a cloak. But is it always appropriate to wear a cloak and can you pull it off?

If you’re tall, at least 5 foot 7, then you’ll definitely be able to pull off a cloak. If you’re shorter, then a cloak often looks imposing.

Cloaks are more popular for Spring or Fall events. If the event is in the evening, a cloak can keep you warm as well.

What Colors?

Colors played a big part in the dress of men and women during Renaissance times. Women would adorn colorful clothing while men are known to wear drab clothing.

For women, colors like bright red and black are great. For men, choose colors like white, olive green, and brown.

You can experiment as you wish but if you want to be accurate then stick to these particular colors. For footwear, you may want to wear plain black or brown shoes.

Don’t try to overdo it with your shoes. Shoes for a Ren Faire don’t have to be fancy and it’s best that they’re minimalistic.

Best Practices

Let’s end with a few things to do to finalize your Renaissance Faire costume. You want to first choose what period you want to represent.

For example, do you want to represent Jacobian or Elizabethan England? Look up the different clothing styles during these periods to decide what works best.

You can also decide what profession you wish to represent. There’ll be a different costume style for a barmaid and for a blacksmith. You can also choose a nation to represent. While England is the most common nation, you can also choose another Western European nation.

Get Your Ren Faire Outfits

Now you know how to set up the best Ren Faire outfits and make an impression.

Your first step is to get a collection of jewelry. Rings from the Celtic period are great for blending in with the crowd. You can decide if you want to wear a cloak as well. It’s a great option if you can pull it off.

Choose bright colors if you’re a woman whereas men do better with understated colors.

You can find more great fashion tips on our blog.

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