How to Become Jewellery Designers for Jewellery Stores Melbourne?

It is easy to enter a new professional field. However, in order to excel in that profession, you need time, experience, and the necessary skills. Most of you may wish to become a jewelry designer. If you think that fulfilling your dreams will demand several years of experience and proper training, then you are mistaken completely. If you want to know the truth, starting your own line of fine jewelry is a rather simple job. All that you need is an awesome idea that others have never even dreamed about, marketing and business knowledge, and a little bit of startup money. If you have these three, nothing can stop you from starting your own fine jewelry line.

Lack of Jewelry or Drawing Software Experience

It is needless to say that learning the art of working on a 3D modeling software takes several years. states that most of you do not even have the time to learn this skill. Add to that the fact that working on a jewelry bench trying to handle diamonds and various other precious metals takes even more time. The best way out is to partner with a production house and a 3D designer. Even if you have the basic knowledge of drawing, it should work out for you if you can oversee the production process and have your own developing ideas.

However, you will still require some level of basic business and marketing knowledge. A strong communication skill will also be an added advantage, since you are the CEO of your own company, you will have to get the entire collection in the store, organize the production process and also come up with a social media or PR following.

What about the Cost?

When it comes to the overall cost factor, there is nothing for you to worry about. If you compare your jewelry designing business with other forms of business, such as starting a tech startup or a restaurant, the investment cost is not that high. The cost basically depends on the size of your business. For example, if you intend on opening your own boutique shop in a costly city, such as the New York City, you will surely need tons of money. This will go into getting a shop on rent, hiring employees and also putting up jewelry on your showcases.

However, if you wish to open a company online, the cost of launching the business will be much lesser in comparison. You will require just a few pieces of stock for every item in your personal line. As the demand goes up, you can always produce in bulk to meet the rising demands. This will eventually result in limited costs and it will prove to be less risky financially.

Since producing fine jewelry requires money, it will be a good idea to chalk out a budget for the manufacturing part. However, setting up a business online, starting the advertisement on social media, and various other factors will cost you comparatively low in terms of money and time.

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