What to Know About Picture Framing in Adelaide?

If you have recently returned from a great holiday with tons of photos, you will obviously wish to frame as many of them as possible. Even if you do not have vacation photos, there are various other types of memories captured in photographs that may require proper framing. When it comes to filling up an empty wall with beautiful photos and frames, you need to get certain things cleared in your mind as far as framing the photos is concerned. Starting from the materials of the frames to their colors and cost of the framing the photos, all of these factors need to be cleared.

Cost of Picture Framing

It is needless to say that custom framing of photos can often get a bit pricey. This is simply because professional framing takes a lot of time, demands a lot of skill and care, and high-quality framing materials are also used for the purpose. These may include special protective glasses and fine wood. When it comes to the overall cost of custom framework, there are several factors that may determine the final cost.

However, the two primary factors are the choice of materials and the size of the artwork. Custom framing a photograph comes at a minimum cost of around $50. These are normally smaller in size. However, if you wish to go for those museum type framework, then the cost may rise to around tens of thousands.

Things You Need To Decide

There are several things that you need to decide on your own or Dimonds Gallery may ask you. These may include the mat, the actual frame, the glass, and the mounting board.

How to Choose the Right Frame?

Apart from your personal budget, the factor that can determine your choice of a frame is its appearance. Normally, you will always look for a frame that complements the artwork in one way or the other. When you determine the appearance of the frame, the d├ęcor of the room where you intend to place it should also help you decide. It will help you if you match the frame to your couch instead of matching it with the artwork.

How to Choose the Mounting Board?

This is probably one of the simplest parts of the entire decision making process. When you stick the mounting board to the mat, it helps to keep it stiff, which in turn prevents wrinkle and bending of the mat. If it is a sensitive work, it will not be a bad idea to upgrade to a 100% acid-free mounting board for the sake of preservation.

How to Choose the Mat?

When you talk about the mat board, it is basically that part of the entire frame that is least understood. You will find several options in this category. The purpose of the mat is to create a border between the frame and artwork in order to let the viewer see the artwork properly. The mat also prevents the glass from touching the piece which makes it possible for proper air circulation in order to prevent moisture buildup.

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