How Online Document Verification Provides Robust Security to Prevent ID Frauds?

Verification is done for decades and every legal process, verification of documents is done by organizations either by physical or electronic means. Whether we have to open a bank account or to take admission to a university, verification of documents is a compulsory process. But the thing is that people do not like to go for document verification physically or to send a set of ID documents to any place. As there is a data security issue in sending personal documents to any place.

So, an online document verification solution is needed to avoid data security issues to provide customer’s seamless verification service. If we talk about the online world, we come to know that the number of internet users is increasing day by day and online service providers are also increasing. On the other hand, with the increase in online buyers, online identity theft and data breaching issues are also increased. According to Statista, over 2 billion people did online shopping in 2020 and the number is still increasing. Fraudsters used to take sensitive data of online users such as bank account information and commit financial crimes. There is always a threat for identity theft and data breaching issues in the online space. Online document verification solutions help businesses to provide their customers a secure platform for verification. Let’s discuss the online document verification solution in detail.

Online Document Verification

Verification of documents is the need of every business whether you go to a bank or make a passport, they need documents to verify your identity before providing their services. Online document verification is a process of verifying the identity of the person to ensure that the person is really who he claimed to be. Online document authentication can be done in thousands of ID types at any time worldwide within a few seconds. It also supports hundreds of documents in different languages with robust security to authenticate documents. Online document attestation verifies multiple identity documents. Let’s talk a bit about identity documents.

What is an Identity document?

A document used to verify the identity of the person is called an identity document. Various documents can be utilized as identification documents. These include government ID cards, passports, driving licenses, and credit/debit cards. Let’s see how a document’s check is performed by using these documents.

Working of Online Document Verification System

The working of document verification is pretty simple and quick. First of all, the client just needs to upload a picture of the ID document, secondly, the AI-enabled OCR system fetches the required data and sends that data to the document verification system. In the end, the AI-powered document verification system matches the personal information of the client such as name, DoB, address, nationality, document issue, and expiry date. After cross-matching the documents, the system sends the result of verification to the back office.

How Secure is Online Document Verification? 

Document verification ensures a high level of security as the verification is only performed on government-issued documents. AI-based systems automatically detect fake documents and reject them for verification with the proof. Some of the fake documents include:

Illegitimate Documents

These documents are totally forged that fraudsters provide for verification. They didn’t include the important information and missing holograms that a real document should incorporate. The automated system rejects illegitimate documents for authentication.

False Documents

These documents totally belong to other persons and fraudsters tried to verify these documents to have access to the person’s account to commit online theft.

Modified Documents

Scamsters try to give modified documents for verification after changing the font or style of the document to have access to another person’s account with bad intentions. The online document verification system fails the verification by recognizing the changed documents.

So, the ability of the AI-based system to recognize wrong documents for verification adds up to the integrity of this service.

Why Do Businesses Adopt Document Verification Service?

Online document verification solution helps businesses to get rid of the piles of records of their customers manually in storerooms. Shifting towards digital document verification helps them to make the verification process more secure and faster. Automated document verification also facilitates personnel to keep records of their customers safe and easy to manage electronically. So, businesses may use this service to give their customers a better user experience with more accuracy.


Online document verification solution not only helps businesses to automate their manual verification systems but also facilitates them to comply with security standards. It also engages more customers to use their services as online document verification just takes a few seconds to verify them with robust security. By using this service, online fraud will also reduce and the verification process becomes more reliable.

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