Choose The Perfect T-Shirt For Men

We love dressing well and there are a number of times when we will pick up a suit for an occasion. Nothing can beat the benefits of a well-tailored suit but the base of any man’s outfit remains a jeans and T-shirt. This is something that can be worn for a game, at home with children and on weekends. Most of us tend to spend a lot of time in T-shirts than in any other form of clothing.

T-shirt is indeed an everyday item. It does not get much attention and it does not need much attention. We could have a wardrobe full of T-shirts purchased over time. While most of us think that a T-shirt is a T-shirt, it is not true. You need to think again. There are infinite options when it comes to T-shirts and while some are better than the others, it is important to choose the right one for yourself. You can go through this post from and make the right choice.

Get the fit right

Aviator t-shirts are simple and basic and the one thing that will make you stand out is the fit. Undoubtedly, muscular guys do have it easy but you can also get the fit right. You should be clear with yourself about what you are looking for in the T-shirt. The sleeves of the T-shirt need to end at mid-bicep and if they are below the thickest part of your muscle, they are too long. The sleeves of your T-shirt should hug the arm, hence you need to choose one that is appropriate. The ones who are slim need to choose one with a well tailored torso so that you do not look thinner. Those who are not slim, you need to give yourself a lot more room. You need to keep in mind that when a T-shirt hugs your chest, your chest will look bigger and if you do not want that to happen, you should choose a T-shirt which does not hug you very tight. Lastly, the T-shirt should end a few inches below the belt and one should not be able to get a glimpse of your stomach but it should not hide your butt.

Fabric matters

You will find T-shirts in different blends but the gold standard is a 100% cotton tee. It is strong, soft and breathable. However, you need to identify the blends and understand how it works. A 50-50 cotton-polyester blend will not shrink when you wash it and the wrinkles will fall out with ease. Finally, it is always cotton you should choose.

Consider the cost

We all have a certain assumption about the cost of T-shirts and anything above $30 is considered to be highly steep for the T-shirt. However, if you are paying more, it is for the sewing quality. T-shirts are available for something as cheap as $5 and they could go as high as $50. With a higher cost, you are paying for better hems and seams. The T-shirt will last longer.

Pair the plain using a pocket

Choosing a plain T-shirt is good however, wearing a plain black T-shirt or white T-shirt can make it look like you are in an undershirt. Hence, add a pocket. This is a subtle hint of being dressy and it also adds utility to the clothing.

Should you opt for a V-neck?

You might have been confused about picking a V-neck or a crew neck T-shirt. A lot of people have different opinions about the same. But you need to keep your body as a guide. When you choose crew neck, T-shirts it will make the frame look square and if you have a slight build, it is an ideal option for you. Those who are tall and willowy, a V-neck will make your neck look longer. If you are on the heavier side, it is an ideal way to break up your frame through a T-shirt and add interest. Never go very deep on the V, it should ideally fall below the dip in the collarbone and should be above the imaginary line which connects the top of your armpits.

Use these tips to buy your new favorite T-shirt which has the perfect fit and lasts for many seasons.

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