How Can Trademark Protect the Brand Identity?

Consider of all that you’ve devoted to establishing e brand identity. You’ve meticulously crafted an identity that allure customer and gives you an edge over your rivals. You have spent huge loads of money and time into dispensing superlative services and products that make sure that your reputation for quality is cemented. You carefully exhausted all options for the brand name and thought hard about the logo that will make the first impression of your goods and services unforgettable for your customers.

With so much of yourself and resources invested in the brand, it doesn’t make sense if it is left unprotected. It makes sense to provide the strongest safeguard possible, and that is exactly what trademark brings for you. Establishing a brand from the roots without keeping top-notch security is like leaving a Ferrari on the sidewalk with doors unlocked and the keys dangling in the car. Your brand identity should not be risked like that otherwise it can prove fatal for the company.

Read on to get an idea of the procedure of protecting your brand identity and safeguarding the monetary business of the organization.

Purpose of Trademark

To comprehend the use of a trademark for your brand identity, you need to first grasp on about what trademark is and its existence. According to the trademark associations, Trademark is a phrase, symbol or a word that distinguishes and identifies the origin and source of the goods of one company or industry from another. A trademark registration can easily be done on your slogan, logo, business name or a mixture of all three.

The objective of a trademark is twofold: it makes sure that the authentic owner of the services and goods (not imposter) will harvest the monetary benefit that progress from the desired service; the second use is that it makes the customer’s purchasing and shopping decisions very less costly and simple as they can identify products which they would like to shop or have shopped in the past. They also remember which product they may or may not have liked and they can easily know which one to buy without wasting unnecessary time.

Trademark registration protects the logo or mark which the buyer will look for to shop for the identified product or service even at the grassroots level. The presence of your distinct mark will drive sales, as the customers will remember the positive experience they had and will then search for the mark in the market. Likewise, trade marking will thwart off competitors from taking advantage of your brand reputation by distributing low-quality products under your products.

Ensure that your trademark is yours for sure

The best way to protect your identity is to make sure if it genuinely yours. You need to conduct a thorough trademark search, to make sure that your idea of trademark is not already taken. A comprehensive trademark search will protect the company from trademark objection by the registrar. According to the law, a business can ensure the rights of a trademark by ensuring that it is the one and only that can use it in the industry. Using a mark without trade marking it, will surely limit the safeguards offered to you by the government.

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