6 Best Ways to Write Awesome Blog Posts That Attract Readers

Any aspiring blogger wants to create content that attracts targeted audience like a magnet. The fact that you have an idea you want to write about doesn’t mean you can write and appeal to readers magically. Writing is an art, and more so when you are writing with a view to draw traffic. The truth is only a few bloggers know how to write posts that keep their readers wanting more. The crux of the matter here is knowing how to create posts that enjoy a flurry of likes, shares not to mention better engagement.

Arguably, how your write your post determines whether you will compel readers to read more and ask for more. Don’t rush into writing before you know how to go about it. You must have heard about killer intros, valuable content and user friendly content layout. Without some of these elements, your carefully thought out idea will end up getting shunned by Google or serp trackers.

1. The Structure Secret

One of the most overlooked factors is the structure of the post. To better communicate with your audience, you need to have your ideas and concept organized and laid out well. Don’t scatter your statements and facts in a haphazard layout. It will drive away an enthusiastic reader. The structure elements such as headers, subheadings, paragraph breaks and bullets can make your post scannable and inviting. You want these elements to create the perfect flow that makes your audience want to keep reading all the way to the last paragraph. Remember, the conclusion down there is important as well. Your readers won’t mind a recap.

2. Use A Killer Blog Topic

Concentrating on the structure of your post is in many ways a priority over the topic you pick. However, you need to know how to come up with a captivating blog post topic. Don’t just regurgitate the same old topics that flood the web space. It’s advisable that you asses your audience and get to know what makes them tick. You need to solve a problem, and provide solutions without sounding irrelevant. The easiest way to turn off your readers is by creating content that rambles on and on without providing solutions. Look for way to connect emotionally and inject a twist of controversy, it will keep them glued to your post.

3. Identify And Understand Your Audience

Understanding your reader isn’t something you can active in one day. You can identify your audience quickly, but getting to know their pain points requires more efforts. Social listening can help you get an overview of your audience’s sentiments. Afterward, you need to look for top ideas that best meet the needs that your followers mention in their sentiments. Readers want to associate with a writer who in every aspect shows empathy and goes ahead to provide solutions. Your email list will help you identify areas that your reader/followers want improved. Equally, the feedback on your social media platforms can help you spot aspects that you need to address.

4. Create Scannable Copy

The attention span of the average reader is super short. You need to realize that people are not on your site to read for an essay exam. You need to have scannable content that a reader will skim through quickly and get the answers they were looking for. Don’t cram your content in long and unbearable paragraphs. Consider 2-3 sentences at most.

Your content will appeal to readers, if you break it up with compelling visual/images. You can skip the long sentences and use bullet points instead, they add scannability into the mix. Don’t forget the font you pick as it appeals to the content. Chose an easy to read font and format it well.

5. Make Promises

It’s true that readers love stories. You can narrate a captivating story full of inspiration to draw your readers on an emotional level. Other than playing off their emotions, you need to make promises that draw them closer. The use of well calculated but intention phrases such as “I will show you the trick” or “you can do it to’ will work the magic. You can choose your wording creatively and tell your followers that you will help them achieve whatever they want. The reassuring tone in your content will help you build tons of trust and your audience will always come back for solutions.

6. Work on Conclusions

The way you conclude your post can transition from average to awesome. The way you cap it up will tell your reader whether it’s worth revisiting and sharing. You don’t want to create posts that nobody will like or comment about. You need to fine tune the ending, but avoid making it a blunt stop. Recap useful points and add subtle humor. It will provide a reader with the much needed warmth and urge to share. You don’t have to be perfect in your writing. You only need to keep researching on new ways to churn out killer ideas in a convincing manner.

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