6 Things You Never Knew About Tinted Moisturizer

Done with having heavy base coverage almost all the time? You are not different from most of the people, who have to wear makeup most of the days. If you are one of those people who like to have full coverage every day, then you must be aware that how damaging it is to the skin. As most of the pores get blocked every single day, at times when you are tired and don’t take off your makeup, things get worse for your skin. Sometimes you might feel like your skin is not fresh and it looks all tired. Your pores need to breathe too.

Maybe it’s time to shift to a tinted moisturizer and give your skin the affection it deserves. Here are some things that you never knew about tinted moisturizer:

It gives full coverage

It is a well-known fact that tinted moisturizers are light weighted as compared to regular foundation. What people misinterpret it that it does not give full coverage or it has the same effect as any other moisturizer. Well! All these concepts are entirely wrong. Tinted moisturizers are designed to make your skin look better by giving full coverage naturally. It is supposed to cover all your flaws in a natural way that it does not look like you have a whole bunch of layer covering up your skin and your actual face starts far below from there.

Matching your skin

It is a common problem when your neck or hands have different skin shade then as compared to your face. Especially, during the summer season, when you face is all tan but your hands and feet are one or two tones brighter. Tinted moisturizer turns out to be a lifesaver in such cases. It is helpful in making your face and neck have the same color all the time.

You still need other moisturizers

It is the most frequently asked question, whether to use regular moisturizers or not while you are using tinted moisturizers? The answer is “yes.” Especially if you have dry skin type, your skin is going to need moisturizing almost on a daily basis. Just wash off your face and cleanse it and then apply any moisturizer that you prefer. If you want to put on moisturizer before using the bb cream or tinted moisturizer, that is even better; it will help in achieving a more natural look.

You can use sunscreen

Most people think that they have to choose between tinted moisturizer or sunscreen. Well to your surprise, you can use both of them at the same time. Usually, tinted moisturizer contains sunscreen, but if your skin is prone to get a sunburn, then you should apply sunscreen and then have a layer of tinted moisturizer. It is recommended to use SPF-30 for getting better protection.

No need of brushes and blenders

There is a huge range of products that claim that they are best for setting your foundation. Some of them seem to work, and some of them are just a hoax. The restriction of using a range of brushes and blenders is limited to foundations as they are much thicker and need time to blend in. It is completely opposite of tinted moisturizer. You can take brushes for help if you want, but your hands will be enough for this purpose. Just put on little droplets on your face and blend it away. It will give just as nice coverage as any brush or blender could give.

Use concealer at the end

If you want to give extra coverage to your eye bags or pimples, you can use concealer. Apply it after you have made the base and you are ready to pull off your fully covered natural look.

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