5 Ways to Style Your Printed Sarees for every occasion

Saree is the ultimate traditional apparel an Indian woman can don. Saree is an attire that never runs out of vogue. The best thing about saree is that women of all age groups can ace any look in a saree. You can wear a saree in so many creative ways and turn heads anywhere you go. At present, the variety of prints on sarees are quite remarkable. Sarees come in so many fabrics and styles that you can add a touch of tradition or modernity. Wrapping a saree may initially seem quite confusing, but once a person learns it, it will be a cakewalk. Draping a saree appropriately transforms the whole look. The prints adorn these sarees are so elegant that a printed sarees is all you need to complete your wardrobe.

Why shall you wear sarees?

When the world embraces the occidental attires, opting for something oriental is not a bad way to stand out in the crowd. A saree showcases the essence of Indian culture in its rightful body. Moreover sarees –

● Are a sober outfit
● Can we worn on any occasion
● They are versatile
● Inculcates virtues like humility, modesty, self-confidence
● Radiate positivity

Why are printed sarees so popular?

Printed sarees help to revamp your look. People usually went running to embroidered or other kinds of sarees before but not anymore! Printed sarees are what women need now. Printed sarees are-

● Trending
● There are too many options to choose from. Pick an appropriate print and ace it.
● Affordable
● They are very comfortable

Not fittingly draping your saree will spoil the whole look. Hence this article will brief you about five attractive ways in which you can style your printed saree.

  1. Pair it up with different kinds of artistic blouses: Step out of your comfort zone and opt for a more regal and elegant look by pairing your printed saree with a Madhubani blouse. You can also team your saree with crop tops.
  2. Make your look modern: Create your unique style by opting for ways to make your look quite modern.
  3. Add a tinge of colour: Showcase your colourful personality by adding colourful props to your printed saree. This gives you a relaxed look. Pair this look with statement jewellery to up your look with several notched.
  4. Opt for solid colours: Solid colours look great with printed sarees. It helps to make the print more prominent. Balancing a printed saree with a solid colour blouse of any kind is bedazzling.
  5. Drape your saree in different ways: Thanks to the TV and the internet, you can learn about experimenting with your look by draping your saree in so many creative ways.


Wearing printed sarees help you appear modish without discarding your roots. Explore the world of printed sarees and deck yourself up with the right kind and amount of jewellery, shoes, headwear, etc., to complete your innovative look.

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