Learning the Basics of Jewellery Making

Jewellery making is fun and therapeutic. Some people start it as a hobby while others make it their career. Whether it is only for fun or want to make money out of it, learning the essential jewellery making supplies to buy from suppliers like SunsetCrystals is a must for anyone who wishes to start the endeavour.

For beginners, getting into the groove of buying the supplies can be overwhelming. With so many of them to consider, in colours, shapes, and sizes, one will only end up getting everything they see but don’t need them in the end. Some look the same but do not function the same. Thus, a quick read or brief research will eliminate the potential errors of purchasing the wrong tools.

Kind Of Jewellery

The kind of jewellery you plan to make will significantly rely on the supplies you will buy from suppliers such as SunsetCrystals. For example, creating simple earrings, bracelets, and necklaces require hooks, clasps, and charms. Although they are different, they don’t need too many supplies since they are all basic and can be used in almost all jewellery types.

Gathering and completing the list of necessary jewellery making tools will not cost too much. As long as you are already aware of the jewellery types and designs, you can have a rough estimate of its budget. One of the essential tools is the pliers; there are several of them in the market. For a beginner, getting the type that is not too pricey is enough, as it can still do the job. As you go further with the process and think you may need an upgrade, you can do so.

Essential Factors In Jewellery Making Supplies

When using reliable tools, they must be comfortable to use, such as cushioned handgrips. Whether they are cutters or pliers, their handles should have foam coverings. This quality is crucial since you will be holding and squeezing it most of the time, so they should not hurt your palm while using it.

Check The Spring Mechanism

Tools like cutters and pliers should have a reliable spring mechanism. This capability will allow the pliers or cutters’ jaws to spring back open after releasing the handgrip. Some tools don’t spring back since you have to spread their handgrips manually, and doing so will not be that helpful, especially when your hands are full of other pieces.

Pliers Should Have Smooth Jaws

Pliers with corrugated teeth may only ruin wires or other materials when you use it on them. It is best to get the type with smooth teeth to avoid denting or deforming wires. Some supplies may be flexible or soft like chains or wires; they require tools meant for delicate materials.

Choose The Right Tools

Round nose pliers have two long thin cone-shaped tips meant for round wires to smooth loops. When you need various sizes of loops, use these pliers to form them perfectly. On the other hand, scissors will not do a good job of cutting wires when making beaded jewellery, but the flush wire cutters are handy for making bracelets and necklaces. It should be flush cutters to avoid leaving extra wire that may cause scratches on your skin. Regular wire cutters can’t cut to the beads.

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