10 Ways You Can Wear Your T-shirt

T-shirts are irreplaceable for anyone who wishes to look stylish while being absolutely comfortable. And why should they be replaced? After all, there are no buttons or hooks to deal with.

With a plethora of designs and styles and pairing options available, you can simply not ignore t-shirts. From v-necks to round collars to extra large sizes, t-shirts can easily fit any combination and enhance your overall appeal.

Just in case, if you are looking for tips to wear a t-shirt, this post is for you. Without any further delay, here are the top 10 ways you can sway your looks in a t-shirt.

#1. Let It Be

This is the most common yet the most desired look. Simply, put on your t-shirt and let it do its thing. Don’t roll it, or tuck it in. Just let it hang out. Pair it up with a simple straight-fit pair of denim and you have the perfect look for a casual day out with your besties.

#2. Tuck It In- Left Or Right

Simple yet effective, this super casual tuck is really amazing. All you need to do is tuck your t-shirt in the front on either side. It does not matter which side you tuck it in, as long as you carry yourself with confidence. If wearing a slim leather belt, you can also tuck it in from below the belt. Whichever way you decide to tuck your t-shirt in, it’s super cool and stunningly adorable.

#3. Tuck It In The Middle

Yes, the conventional way to tuck in your t-shirt, mostly popular with teenagers and college graduates, the front-tuck is really an impressive way to flaunt your body. While keeping your back unexposed, show off the button or the buckle of your belt. The simple yet sassy look which can roll eyes on you, wherever you go.

#4. Roll In The Back Of Your T-shirt

Now, this is something new. If you’ve ever frowned over someone wearing a t-shirt tucked in at the back and not the front, you need to think over it once again. This is something for the days when you wear a body fitting bottom and wish to show-off your sexy booty. Tuck your t-shirt at the back and roll it a fold or two at the front. Just that, and you’re already slaying your admirers.

#5. Have You Tried The Chic-Tuck?

Who doesn’t like decency? And who can ignore a decent chic? I believe no one! This one is polished and still lets you be the chic you are. Gently tuck in your t-shirt from all sides. For example, have a look at these inspirational T-shirts you can easily pair up with any sort of bottom and tuck all in. Decent, elegant, and sexy at the same. It’s great if you wear it with a pleated skirt or a pair of formal pants. Additionally, a belt can further improve your overall aesthetics.

#6. Tie A Knot On Either Left Or Right

For this one, you may need to wear a larger size than your usual one. Simply put on your t-shirt and tie a knot at the bottom. Not in the center but on either side. Slightly exposing your waistline and giving you the perfect slayer look. Regardless of the design of your t-shirt, knots go with every size and shape. Offering you a girly look whether you are actually wearing a feminine t-shirt or not.

#7. The Retro Bandana Look

This particular style is the most popular one on the list. If you’ve been wanting to flaunt your rodeo look, then the wait is over. Tying a knot in the front has always been the look for roadsters since the retro ages. The bands and the bad girl look go hand in hand. The style is totally feminine and yet comfortable to flaunt.

#8. Using An Elastic Or A Rubber Band Sounds Odd But Looks Very Feminine

If you don’t wish to knot your tee, but still want to achieve a knotted look, then this is the one for you. Use an elastic or a regular hairband to crush and tie a crumbled portion of the bottom lining of your t-shirt. Maintaining the roadeo look while keeping you all the more comfortable. Just make sure that the color of the band matches that of your t-shirt. You wouldn’t want anyone to know that you’ve actually stylized your look using odd accessories. Moreover, it looks pretty odd when two strikingly opposite colors are matched in one place.

#9. Oversized Shirts Can Be Worn Off-Shoulder

If you really like to show off your assets, then wearing a large t-shirt can help you. Put on a plus-size and pull the shoulders off. You can also tuck or tie a knot at the bottom while pulling the shoulder off. The perfect chic look, to let you flaunt your bodily features while keeping your aesthetic appearance decent, at the same time.

#10. The Tough Sporty Stance

The playful tom-boy look for the ones who don’t wish to flaunt their feminine side, this look is perfect. Rollover your sleeves, half tuck your shirt anyway, and you’re good to go. For the perfect punk look, you can enhance your appearance with a couple of chunky accessories. Alternatively, you can knot your t-shirt at the front, to expose just about half of your belly. No matter what you ride or, for that matter whether you ride at all or not, this sporty stance can change the perspectives for you, in the simplest of ways.

T-shirts are truly the most versatile and playful piece of apparel one can ever find. As long as you wear it with confidence, wear it whichever way you like. There is simply no limit to the styles you can play with. These top ten ways are just the ones that are hugely popular. It does not mean you cannot create your own style. Design your own style and carry it with confidence. All the way, enjoying the comfort and softness of a casual apparel piece.

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