A Few Helpful Tips When Buying Engagement Rings

Many folks love a happy ending. Meeting your soul mate, dating them, getting engaged and then married, having kids, and living a healthy and happy life. For many of these people, everything that’s included in their life, that has significance, from day one till the last day, is highly-regarded and very important. From the smallest ornamental pieces to the largest furniture and accessories, a lot of us are sentimental.

One such element that makes a very important addition to anyone’s life, and also signifies the coming together of two people in a union of love and happiness, is an engagement ring. This is an indication that the person who is wearing the engagement rings is going to be married and this notion is very common in Western cultures. It is almost like a formal agreement between two people. When men wear this ring it is typically referred to as a “management ring”, click here to read further. These can also be used as wedding rings, if one does not need to buy themselves a different one, making it even more sentimental and valuable to the wearer.

In any case, when the deed is done and the arrangement to get engaged has been discussed between the couples, they will need to purchase appropriate ones that best fit each other. Some say they prefer the engagement rings to symbolize something or to bring out their personality, while others prefer the more vintage types that are more valuable. Whatever the choice of the individuals, there are a few things that one must consider when walking into a jewelry store. This article covers a few of these aspects to help make it easier for you to choose.

A Mutual Decision Surrounding The Budget.

This is possibly the first step anyone will need to take when considering purchasing a ring for their partner. If you’ve got a large budget, your options are possibly wider. However, for a more modest one, there are a few good choices too.

Anything you will buy together from here on out will require careful planning of a reasonable budget. Next to the house you buy, this will possibly be the most valuable and sentimental. Don’t go by looks, because this can be the worst thing to do as many are enticed by gorgeous looking rings and tend to move the goalposts with their budgets ending up spending more than they bargained for. So, if you thought about it carefully, stick to your guns for the most part. But if necessary, you can choose to move above range slightly.

When You’re Not Sure Of It’s Worth.

If you’re in the market for an antique ring, and not sure if its worth, there are a few things that may help you when figuring out its worth. These include:

The 4Cs.

Color (for a diamond, for example. The lesser the color the more authentic it is), Clarity (the lack of blemishes and marks), Carat weight (the larger the stone, the higher the carat weight), and Cut (the ability of the precious stone to reflect light). These are usually measured according to international standards. This knowledge will help you narrow down your list of stones and where you want to emphasize. Check this

Choosing Style And Specific Period.

Sometimes we prefer to go in-depth with our engagement rings and not just buy the one we first set our eyes on. Some enthusiasts prefer something that has meaning and history behind it. For instance, if you know what the period and style you or your partner like, for instance, Edwardian Era, Art Nouveau, Victorian Era, or Georgian, you can have a better idea of what to ask for when you walk into the store.

Let’s break it down:

The Edwardian Era (between 1901 and 1910)

If you’re into an elegant design, the craftsmanship of this period will reflect that. Inspired by the arts and crafts movements, their stones are more geometry designs made of platinum materials and consisting of rose-cut diamonds and sapphires as well.

Victorian Era (between 1837 and 1901)

Based on Queen Victoria’s life, and split into two-dimensions. This era consisted of the Romantic and the Grand Victorian styles. The stones typically characterized during this period were garnets, amethyst, turquoise, solitaire diamonds, and pearls, and made using rose gold colors and diamonds mainly.

Art Nouveau Era (between 1890 and 1910)

The word itself is derived from the French translation of “New Art”, and its influences range from arts and crafts, secession, and liberty styles. Mostly organic, draping, and flowery pattern adorns this jewelry.  They are more detailed and delicate types of engagement rings.

Georgian Era (between 1714 and 1837)

A lot of handmade jewelry was present during this time, and as such their rings were unique and once-off pieces. So if you are looking for something original, this would be it. Inspired by nature as well, and things such as flowers, leaves, and birds were included in their diamond stone designs.

When You Need To Select A Color or A Stone.

Most of the rings that people want to consist of a stone or two. You can get anything from diamonds to sapphires, ruby’s, pearls, and beautiful green emerald engagement rings, and this is always down to personal preference. Some people choose stones to match their birth signs, while others choose them for their favorite colors.

If you’re not into color then clear stones such as diamonds are the way to go. You can even incorporate different complementary colors together to create something new and unique to you or your partner. When crafted with diamonds, the colors of the red rubies, blue sapphires and green emeralds can do wonders to the piece. It all depends on you.

Besides all of the above pointers, make sure you purchase your precious possessions from a creditable and well-established, licensed jeweler. They usually have the paperwork displayed on their back walls, and if not you have every right to ask them for their certifications. All the best in your future endeavors.

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