Guide to Buying Men’s Sexy Underwear

While women always had the luxury to choose from a wide collection of lingerie and innerwear, men had regular underwear and boxers. However, times have changed, and there is now trendy and sexy underwear available even for men.

Modern men, just like women, tend to feel more confident and attractive in sensuous underwear. There are different styles to choose from depending on your mood and style, from thongs and lacy underwear to zippers. 

So, whether you’re looking to add one to your collection or gift one to your partner, here are some tips to help “Buy sexy mens underwear”:

Choose the Right Material

Cotton, by default, remains the go-to fabric for health-conscious men who believe that comfort reigns supreme. However, men’s underwear is available in a large collection of fabrics from the soft microfiber cloth, mesh, lace to skintight Lycra, spandex, or even PVC for the kinky appear.

You can choose one, depending on your style and comfort. You need to take different styles into account, like the pop-open, zip-ups, or laces if you prefer a feminine look.

Resolve your Style

The sexy underwear is something you’re new to, it is best to choose what you are sure that you’re want to wear. Take it easy. You can start with tight trunks that grip to your body and offer great support. Also, these tend to make slender forms come into view bigger.

For something slightly sexier, you can choose briefs that fit in easily under the clothing.  Briefs appear particularly suitable if you have bigger buttocks and bear more load on your legs than your upper body. For those who wish to go bold, there are G-strings, Thongs, and Jockstraps that expose your back while at the same time clinging to your body.

Choose the Size Carefully

The size of your underwear will depend on your waist size. Men’s underwear is available in Large, Medium, Small, and Additional Large sizes. Refer to the size guide. However, do remember that different brands use different measurements, and therefore, the fit can differ slightly.

If you’re buying it online, it is best to check out the reviews regarding fit, etc. Buying the right size will ensure the correct in shape for your body type. Too big a size will make it look baggy, while the ones that are too tight may cause things to bulge out unpleasantly, making it look ugly.

Choose the Striking Designs

There are numerous designs you can pick from while buying sexy underwear for yourself. If you prefer something wild, animal-inspired thongs would be a great idea. Alternatively, if you wish to take things easy, you can choose boxer briefs with funny prints or trunks with humorous graphics that make your spouse giggle with laughter while adding some spice to the occasion.

Men’s underwear has progressed in style, and there are multiple options to choose from. If you are looking to buy men’s sexy underwear, don’t be afraid to try new styles and designs. Also, it is important to keep your partner’s choice in mind. Choose the comfortable one that suits you and your partner to make the occasion more romantic and pleasurable.

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