Trending Gemstones for Sale You Need to Get in 2020

Most gemstones form in the earth’s crust, some can be found as deep as 25 miles beneath the ground. Even though diamonds remain the most expensive and popular precious stone, other stones are slowly gaining popularity.  The crystallization of magma deep within the earth’s surface produces gorgeously vibrant and colorful stones.

Not only do these gems look gorgeous in any kind of jewelry piece, they have also been tested to hold different kinds of healing powers. From absorbing energy to regulating homeostasis in the body, gemstones are more than just a colorful rock. Knowing more about where they originate from will add value to them and add to its special meaning.

If you are someone who are interested in the deeper meaning of gemstones but would also like them to add to your fashion sense, then you can follow our guide to the trendiest gemstones for sale right now. 

The Color for 2020 – Blue

Back in 2019, it was announced that the trendiest color for gemstones in 2020 will be blue. Any gem that resembled blue, was ever so popular and it popped up everywhere.

Owning a classic bluestone like the vibrant blue sapphire will ensure that you turn heads wherever you go. Not only is it vibrantly cool it also holds a serene calmness around it.

Apart from Sapphire stealing the show, one can also invest in a blue tanzanite or zircon stone.

A little bit lighter on the color spectrum is teal. Teal has always been a complementary color in fashion and now it can take center stage. Sapphires in teal is popping up on all social media platforms and everyone wants to get their hands on one.

The Color for 2021 – Pastel

Since 2020 was kind of a write-off, because of the global outbreak of COVID-19, one can look towards the future. Hues for 2021 are very soft and resembles a much more subtle color palette. Soft pink, blue, orange, and green gemstones are making their way to the top of the trends. 

We are excited about the color palette being very versatile and colorful, though. Since we’ve seen an increase in multi-colorful rings, bracelets, and necklaces – knowing that 2021’s trend color is an all-inclusive pastel makes us very happy.

The Classics

Just like a good pair of shoes, certain designs and gemstones never go out of style. Purchasing a birthstone and adding it to a specially designed necklace or ring band will never get old.

In 2020 and 2021, one can still buy birthstones to celebrate special milestones in someone’s life. Birthstones have always been a crowd favorite. They are excellent gifts for birthdays or special occasions. For a full birthstone chart check out this guide.


If you want to stay up to date on the latest gemstone trends, colors, and designs, you should keep a keen eye out for social media influencers. Influencers have become the market leaders for anything and everything popular.

In many cases, popular influencers will be the first to showcase exquisite gemstone combinations and jewelry brands. 

Stone Types

There are five gemstones that are currently falling under the blue color palette of 2020. Whether you decide to purchase a large, raw, polished, or precisely cut gemstone, any one of the following options will keep you on trend:


Previously confused to a blue sapphire, the Tanzanite has recently earned its spot as one of the most sought-after stones in the world. It features a deep blue color that is almost mesmerizing in appeal.


Azurite is named after the color Azure that translates to ‘blue’. At its core it’s a copper carbonate hydroxide mineral with gorgeously vibrant deep blue and violet colors.

The raw stone is used as a healing crystal, but as part of a jewelry piece it is immensely characteristic. Reflecting the colors of a deep blue evening sky it’s the perfect addition to any formal attire.


With an increasing obsession with mermaids and the ocean, the aquamarine stone fits in perfectly with the 2020 ‘blue’ theme. Aquamarine resembles the blue-green color of the ocean and it can be cut in many different gorgeous designs. The stone itself can be treated with heat to intensify and darken the color. 

Also known as the Happy birthstone of those born in March, the Aquamarine gemstone looks amazingly glittering on rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces.


Moving away from the blue colors, the deep wine-red Garnet stone is also a current hot topic. Combined with vintage gold, it resembles that of a ruby sapphire without having a high price.  Garnet stones are also available in yellows and greens, which makes it an affordable yet adaptable purchase.


Wearing an opal piece of jewelry evokes feelings of dreaminess and reminiscence. Because of the opal’s white and multi-colored reflections, it has earned a spot as being one of the trendiest stones to have. Many have claimed that no one opal looks the same, making it a unique statement piece for any fashionista.

Furthermore, it is competing against the ever-so-popular diamond as the frontrunner for engagement ring stones. Instead of purchasing expensive high-quality diamonds, brides are opting for a dreamier opal in their wedding rings.

Where to Buy

Before purchasing raw or polished gems, you should always make sure that they are sourced by a responsible and credible jeweler. Part of being trendy in the coming season is purchasing products that are ethically sourced and made. Be part of the change by doing a background check on the company you are considering purchasing from.

Companies, like this one, who sell legal and ethical quality gemstones will typically have a few authority stamps. They will typically be partnered with professional and trusted institutes from around the world like the GAA (Gemmological Association of Australia), AIGS (Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences), and Gem-A, amongst others.

What are you waiting for? Start browsing and purchasing that trendy stone now to be ahead of the trends.

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