March 6, 2023

How to Get The Perfect Eyebrow Shape if You Have an Oval Face?

eyebrow shapes for an oval face

From the softly rounded eyes to the tapered chin, oval faces are a classic, timeless silhouette. But achieving your perfect brow shape to fully accentuate your features can be more complicated than it seems.

Whether you have thick or thin, light or dark eyebrows—there are ways to find the perfect shape that’s best for you! With just a few simple techniques and tips, you’ll quickly learn to flatter your face with the most stylish eyebrow shapes for an oval face. So, keep reading to discover everything you need to know about getting the most out of your oval-shaped face with the perfect eyebrow look!

How to Identify an Oval Face?

Identifying an oval face is actually quite easy once you know what to look for! Oval faces generally have more balanced proportions, with equal widths at the forehead, jaw, and cheekbones. The chin is slightly tapered, and the face is narrowly pointed at the chin.

Wide eyes and high cheekbones also tend to be features of oval faces, giving them a chiseled, picture-perfect look. With their soft angles and delicate features, oval faces are often considered the most aesthetically pleasing facial shape.

What are the Best Eyebrow Shapes for an Oval Face?

Soft Angled Eyebrows

Oval-shaped faces have been considered the most versatile and attractive face shape. And while any eyebrow shape will still look good on an oval face, a soft angled brow is the best eyebrow shape for an oval face.

This eyebrow shape is a great way to accentuate this unique bone structure and bring out your eyes. Instead of having a harsh straight line, this technique involves creating an arch that’s more rounded than flat, with faux-hairs blending into the existing follicles. This will ensure your brows appear as natural as possible while still providing definition.

An added bonus of soft angled brows is that they can be adjusted depending on the desired look – you can add extra fullness for a dramatic effect or keep them lush and low for a more subtle look.

Creating a softly angled brow can bring out your natural beauty and create the illusion of looking taller! All you need is a lighter hue of brow pencil to shape your eyebrows. If you prefer an effortless look, using a brush will help soften the edges and make them look more delicate. Allow the brush to work its magic by brushing each stroke lightly, resulting in beautifully understated arches that give you a soft and feminine look

High Arches

Women with an oval face shape have various options for expressing themselves with their eyebrows – one of the most glamorous being the high arch eyebrow. This dramatic style offers lots of attitude, making it a bold and stylish choice that’s sure to turn heads. Think of Megan Fox; you have a good idea of what high arches could look like.

To get that perfect high arch, brush your eyebrows up, as this helps define their starting point. Then use tweezers or an angled eyebrow brush to remove any excess hairs between or below the brows.

Define your arch shape by removing the hair from underneath it but leave the arch itself untouched for a more dramatic effect – try using concealer between pops of highlighting powder for extra definition! Finish off by running gel over them for fuller-looking brows and long-lasting staying power.

With an oval face, high arch eyebrows make quite the statement – you’ll have everyone admiring your enviable arches in no time! It can be tempting to go overboard with the arch, but when done right, this look will give your face extra definition while still looking chic and natural.

Oval Faced Celebrities for Brow Inspiration

From the sleekly arched to those with a soft, barely-there swoop, this versatile face shape can easily rock any kind of eyebrow look. If you have an oval face and are on the hunt for some eyebrow envy, just take a quick scroll through your favorite celebrities Instagram feed!

We can probably credit Kim Kardarshian for teaching us all about embracing a fuller brow. She is definitely no exception when it comes to ovals faces rocking an enviable set of bolder brows!

And let’s not forget- Queen B! Beyonce always looks flawless, and her arches are no exception. Whether it’s for a night out or for an everyday look, she often opts for a slightly rounded shape that compliments her features.

The key to getting the perfect eyebrow shape if you have an oval face is to find balance between having a bold and defined brow, while maintaining the natural shape of your face. If you are blessed with an oval face, chances are your eyebrows will naturally follow a nice arch, so it’s important to maintain the natural form when shaping them.