Tips to Choose a Wedding Invitation

For any wedding gala, wedding invitations are the first step to broach the celebrations. You prepare a comprehensive list of guests whom you wish to invite and then start the process of choosing the most appropriate wedding invitation which could fit into your budget and make it noticeable too. After all, getting married is a lifetime event, and there is no chance to compromise on any of its aspects.

Following are some of the factors which one need to consider before choosing a perfect wedding invitation:


This is the first consideration to pick up a wedding invitation. No matter how captivating and intriguing a wedding invitation is, if you cannot afford it, it is useless for you. Always determine your budget first and then look for the various wedding invitations available in this range. Factors like printing the address over envelope are free or chargeable also affect the budget.


Unless you don’t know that exact time and venue of your wedding, you cannot proceed with the wedding card order. Various information including the RSVP details, wedding ceremonies details etc. need to be fetched in advance as well. Remember, that the printing of wedding cards also take a considerable time which is followed with card distribution to your guest list. You need to decide all the details related to your wedding in advance before place an order for wedding invitations.

Guest List

It is needed to determine the number of guests you are planning to invitations to place a reasonable order for the name of the wedding invitation. Say, if you are planning to invite 50 families, it is recommended to consider a count of 60 or more for your number of wedding invitations. It will help to avoid any last-minute hassle due to the shortage of the wedding invitations.


It is needed that you choose a regular font size and font style to appear your wedding card reader-friendly. Too much of frosty colours may lead difficulty in reading the text. The background colour needs to be soft while the fond colours should be bright and catchy. Always put to relevant information in the invite to avoid the cluster of words.

Wedding Formality and Style

If you want your guests to know about the wedding style, the engrossed and engraved patterns of your wedding card can reveal about them. The tone of the text in modern wedding cards is more formal.

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