Picking the Perfect Wedding Venue for Your Special Day in New Jersey

New Jersey is a modern, bustling state, but also characteristically in proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. You probably recognize the area for its thick Jersey accent and over a hundred miles of captivating beaches. With its charming curation of sceneries, New Jersey’s wedding bells ring all-year-round, blessing couples with lots of love and life. 

Planning a wedding can be difficult, especially in a state like New Jersey, where there are so many possibilities. There are many things you need to consider, such as the venue, finances, availability of guests, catering, hosts, and finding the most special dress for the occasion. But a good start to your preparations is to choose the perfect venue. 

You can find the best wedding venues New Jersey on a dedicated website that offers all sorts of wedding-related services, so your special day is covered from catering to dance lessons and entertainment. Moreover, by looking through a virtual catalog, you can easily filter results to show places that will work for you, your fiancé, and your family and friends. 

When there are so many beautiful options and enchanting views in Jersey, it is challenging to settle for one. But do not worry. There were about 130,000 weddings in New Jersey in 2018. Each of those involved the common struggles that a couple went through to plan the perfect wedding. These tips will help you choose the ideal wedding venue:

Determine the Theme and Vibe of Your Wedding

Before you sift through the best wedding venues in New Jersey, you may already have an idea of what you want in your mind. Are you dreaming of a Cinderella wedding with a grand ballroom and a majestic staircase? Or perhaps an outdoor garden wedding surrounded by an exotic landscape, with the sunshine witnessing your special day? 

If you are thinking of celebrating your wedding during the holidays, then perhaps a Christmas or Valentine-themed wedding can be an option. Regardless of what your theme is, it will be useful in filtering out results that may not work for your ideal wedding. Your venue always has to align with the concept that you are after. It is your big day, after all. 

It is also a good idea to determine how formal you want your wedding to be. Think of what you want your guests to wear. The dress code has a significant influence on what venues would suit your vibe. For instance, a grand ballroom may be a bit too extravagant for a semi-formal wedding. Instead, an outdoor garden resort would be a dreamy background to your billowy dresses and crisp dress shirts. 

Work with a Wedding Planner 

Although you can sift through venues on a wedding site, working with a planner will make your life much easier. He knows precisely how to work with different types of spaces and can transform your space to make your dream come to life. The best wedding venues in New Jersey are beautiful, but you can make their beauty even more personal by spicing things up. 

A wedding planner will help you decide on decor, color coordination, and will contact and book any service that you may need. 

Stay Within Your Budget 

A wedding is an expensive affair. But no matter how special it is, you do not want to rack up debt just for a single day. Make sure that you select a venue within your means. There are thousands of lovely locations you can pick from, and you do not need the most expensive wedding to have a wonderful time. Discuss details with your fiancé and your wedding planner, and make the most practical decision according to your financial situation. 

Keep Your Guest List in Mind 

Ensuring that your venue has enough room to accommodate all your guests is crucial. You want everything to be in enough quantities, along with a little contingency, just in case somebody brings an extra person. Knowing an estimate of how many guests you are expecting will also help your wedding planner determine the type of catering service that would best suit the number of your attendees. 

Planning a wedding can be challenging, but it is fun knowing that you have so many fantastic venue options that are ready to make your day extra special. 

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