Top 5 Things Observational Comics Notice

No matter what your interests are, at some point everyone can sit back and enjoy a comedy show. This used to mean a night out to see a show. Now, you can even find plenty of comedy special available on streaming services. If you look through some of the most successful comedians, you’ll find something that they all have in common – many of them are observational comedians. This type of comedy often feels more natural because the comedians are pulling material right from their lives. Observational comedy is also likely to resonate with an audience as they can relate it to their experiences.

Comedians use a lot from their lives in their jokes. Here are the five most common topics that observational comic notice. You might even like them so much, you’ll want to book a comedian for your next party.

Personal problems

There’s nothing a person knows better than their own life. We all have rough days, so we can relate when someone else does. Some people might even be watching the show to escape from their personal problems. It can be difficult to see the humor in our own problems, but it’s much easier when you’re looking at someone else’s life. Being able to laugh at yourself is a great life skill for anyone to learn, not just comedians.

Family life

No one has a perfect family. Every family fights from time to fine and you can’t find anyone who doesn’t have an embarrassing story. Most comedians will have a joke about something their kids did or how they don’t get along in their inlaws. For those who spend a lot of time with their family, these problems are easy to pick up and joke about.


For adults watching comedy shows, one thing they’ll likely all have in common is work.  No matter what field they’re in, almost everyone has had at least one bad job in their lives. If you have had a bad job before, you likely even joke about it on your own now. This is also something that’s easy for everyone to connect with.


Political jokes can be very controversial, especially when comedians don’t understand their audience. Still, when they’re done right, they can help diffuse some tension. Comedians who have a great understanding of their audience’s interests might be able to use politics to their advantage during their shows. It’s also important to understand that the point of the joke shouldn’t be to offend someone. Anyone can watch a comedy show, so they do have to use caution when talking about sensitive topics.


Everyone has a dating horror story in their past. These might sting at first, but we learn to get past it. We could even realize that the situation was funny looking back. Some of these memories make you cringe, but it’s much funnier when it happens to someone else. This could be why many comedians bring up funny experiences from their dating lives.

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