Know in detail – “ why monitoring you application is important”?

Why monitoring you application is important: Application Performance Monitoring (APM)  is a communication channel between the organization and potential customers. It can be defined as a systematic process of tracking and observing performance, behavior, and health in real-time. 

The Basic Functions of APM:

  • Collects and analyses various metrics, like response times, resource utilization, error rates, user interactions, etc.
  • Capable of identifying potential issues
  • It can empower organizations to maintain their application’s stability, reliability, and efficiency.
  • It contributes to improved business outcomes and customer satisfaction.

Process of Selecting The Best Application Monitoring Tools:

Ask the questions yourself before selecting the application monitoring tools that why monitoring you application is important.

If you are well satisfied with most of the criteria mentioned below, then you can obviously make a firm decision.

  • Is this tool more flexible to add more languages?
  • Think about the key features, user needs, and available options to conduct research.
  • Is it compatible with cloud-based services?
  • Does it allow you to measure code-level diagnostics?
  • Does it support all kinds of security features?
  • Does it offer high-quality documentation?
  • Check its application dependencies.

 why monitoring you application is important:

The most important part of software development is “System Monitoring”. The developers can detect and address potential issues with their software system. Then the developers can ensure to meet the needs of their users.

Most mobile users leave apps that take more than 2 seconds. Most app developer prefers application monitoring tools to reduce the download time to improve user experience. It is defined as another importance of monitoring applications by asking why monitoring you application is important.

Moreover, it is a process that provides real-time performance insights about the application. Also, it enables the developer to respond quickly to technical issues, contextual data, etc.IT (Information Technology) experts and developers can keep track easily of its availability, resources, and all other vital aspects affecting the end-user experience.

In present-day tradition, most IT professionals use APM tools to meet performance standards and deliver a valuable user experience.

By investing in APM tools, it will be easier and take the least time to identify the root cause and resolve the problems.  It carries various advanced features, including distributed tracing. Those features allow the developers to get quick updates on noticing live abnormal events and a similar chain of events. That’s why monitoring you application is important for the developers.

Purpose of Monitoring System:

The monitoring system is one kind of software or system monitoring tool that helps system administrators monitor their system infrastructure. The monitoring system such as PRTG MultiBoard, is a type of software or system monitoring tool that assists system administrators in monitoring their system infrastructure. It can control system devices, applications, and traffic. Also, it creates a sound to give the alarm in the event of malfunctioning and disruptions. It is a unique feature that defines  why monitoring you application is important

Characteristics/Selection Guidelines of The Best Monitoring System:

The following characteristics are to be considered for selecting the best application monitoring tools. In other words, we can feel easily after selecting the guidelines why monitoring you application is important!

  • Ease of use
  • Customization
  • Integration capabilities
  • Alerting and reporting
  • Scalability
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Support of multiple environments
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Security
  • Vendor support
  • Free trial period

Benefits of APM(Application Performance Monitoring )

Better user experience

Customer satisfaction is one kind of benefit of using an APM tool. If any customer uses this tool to identify and cut unnecessary spending, improve the stability of product, and release features more efficiently, then the customer will be satisfied.

Reduce cost

To reduce the amount of money, this application tool keeps the application up and running. It can be used to tune the infrastructure to ensure that just the right amount of resources is being utilized to power it. 

Apart from the benefits of APM mentioned above, some other important criteria make this platform unique. These benefits also create a question in our minds as to why monitoring you application is important

  •  Timely alerts of downtime
  •  Improve performance
  •  Enhance security

Top Five Application Performance Monitoring Tools:

  1. Dynatrace
  2. AppDynamics APM
  3. Data Dog
  4. Site24x7
  5. AppOptics APM

Have a look in a tabular form for all APMs mentioned above—-

APM NameKey FeaturePricingProsCons
DynatraceDistributed tracing and code profilingDependency mapping down to the serverAI-based root cause analysis.Offers code-level observabilityStarts at about $0.08/monthIt is a complicated troubleshooting for network system data configuration when visuals get lostNetwork and app monitoring from different locationsWorkload monitoring for everything real-time bug and issue diagnosis and troubleshooting
AppDynamicsHybrid environment management allows the connection of business Cognition engine with machine learning Starts at about $60/monthCompatible with cloud-based applicationJMX monitoring and controlling supportJVM dependency mappingDetailed environment testing and developmentHybrid environment management allows connection of business Cognition engine with machine learning 
Data DogCode-level distributed tracingAutodiscovery Distributed tracing Service CatalogDependency mappingStarts at about $31/monthComplex navigation interface for some users Understanding the entire set of functions can take timeNeed more documentation Navigation can be complex for some application
Site 24/7Hybrid system code profilingDistributed tracingServer cloud platformVisualizations and containersModern infrastructureStarts at about $35/monthExcellent tools for performing monitoring capability with several platformsQuick identification and troubleshootingComprehensive and real-time viewingAI-powered alerting and reporting system distributed tracing to improve user experience
AppOptics APMUses automated instrumentation-depth analysis for issue diagnosisRequest tracing using high-tech filters and insightsStarts at about $9.99/monthUses automated instrumentation-depth analysis for issue diagnosis request tracing using high-tech filters and insightsNot compatible with Oracle, GCPPoor alarming functions and downstream service checking

Features of APM (Application Performance Monitoring):

Countless features depicted below  can explain “ why monitoring you application is important”

Performance Metrics:

APM tools help developers measure the performance of web requests, to resolve issues for immediate attention.

User Experience Monitoring:

APM tools are used by people for various purposes. It is used to keep track of which web requests and transactions in their application require improvement. 

Error Tracking:

Errors are the defense line and they must be fixed as soon as possible. The uttermost care is to be taken to stop the error occurring multiple times. Then there will be a chance to switch the customer to another application. The developer has to take care of all times when an error occurs and for what cause it happened. 

Resource Utilization:

APM tools will be the best application for tracking and monitoring the server” ‘s CPU and memory usage. 

There are some other features including 

  • Alerts and notifications:
  • Transaction monitoring
  • Scalability Analysis
  • Dependency tracking
  • Historical data
  • Custom dashboards


To derive business operations and deliver exceptional user experiences, effective application monitoring is crucial and it has to be a known factor that is why monitoring you application is important.  The organizations can detect and resolve issues by monitoring APM performance. It can maintain business continuity and operational efficiency will be the highest. 

Moreover, APM can help to enhance user satisfaction by ensuring security and compliance. It is definitely an important aspect to monitor the applications effectively to define their monitoring objectives.

In a competitive digital landscape, it enables the organization to deliver seamless user experiences and derive the success of the business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is there any remedy if your application is slow and has multiple issues?

If the application runs slowly and has so many issues it affects the user experience. The developers can solve the problem by using Application Performance Monitoring Tools. 

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