Key things you need to include in your dental website

One of the best sources of new patients for your dental practice can be your dental practice website. Your dental practice needs to be part of the digital world. Online searches and websites are the best ways most patients are finding and connect with potential dental providers. Therefore, if you intend to get new patients, your dental practice must be visible online. You need to begin ranking high on search results.

Also, you should be engaging and appealing to your target audience. The good news is that the dental website design agency can help your site load fast and make it easy for your patients to navigate. Besides, your patients need to discover your dental services, make appointments online, and many more. This post explains the key things you need to include in your dental website.

Pages for service or treatment

There is a good chance that you know the dental services you offer, but potential patients don’t know them. Also, you need to have an optimized page for each service so that you can benefit from the SEO.

Ideally, if a person searches for dental treatment in your area, this page can likely appear in search results. You need to have more patients who find your dental practice through search results. In this way, you can get more patients without having to spend tons of money on ads.

Location pages

Just like the need of having pages for services or treatment you offer, you must also have pages for each location of your dental practice. You can have several dental offices in several locations.

In such cases, you can have your website optimized for a specific location, but it also makes sense to have pages for other locations. This can improve the chances that potential patients in these locations may find your dental practice once they search for a local dentist.

Dentist bios

You also need to have bios of your dentists at your dental practice. This is a good way you can establish credibility and trust before potential patients decide to call you or even walk through your door. When a patient knows the dentist who will treat or check their teeth, they can be at ease if they know in advance the credentials and experience of the dentist.

Therefore, in the dentist bios, make sure that you include the length of time you have been practicing, your education, and the professional associations you belong to. You have to include your credentials so that potential patients can trust you. 

Procedure explanation videos

A procedure explanation video refers to a video that explains dental procedures. This is great to place on each treatment page and can help potential patients understand what is involved in a certain dental procedure.

You can prove your expertise and establish trust with your patients when you explain your services yourself, such as root canals, cleanings, and exams. The visitors to your site can rest assured that they will be dealing with an experienced and knowledgeable dentist.

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