How to Choose Custom Uniforms for Your Sports Team

Sports uniforms promote a sense of togetherness and belonging among the team players. The fans and audience of the sport will also remember a team through the uniforms they wear, creating a lasting impression. The custom uniforms you choose can also impact the performance of the team. With this, there are some factors to consider while choosing your sports uniforms successfully.

Determine what is important for the team

When selecting sports clothes, what do you value the most? Is it custom branding, a one-of-a-kind look, durability, or price? The key to successful outfitting is knowing what is important for your team and being satisfied with your decision. This also helps you pick the right custom clothing company to do your uniforms, as not all companies offer the same features you are looking for.

Know the essential features of a sports uniform

Sports uniform is typically made from cotton, jacquard, polyester, jersey fabric, or pro-mesh material. Take into account whether you want tight or loose outfitted clothes for your team, the season you are playing, as well as the specific sport your team is playing. Also, customising the sports uniform will enable you to put the number and name of the players. This will make each member look unique and easily noticeable in the crowd.

The colour you pick for your custom uniforms should be based on your team values and spirit. Ensure that the colours and their placements on sports clothes are not the same as other competing teams. Adding a logo maker design will increase your team visibility and team recall. The caps are also part of the sports uniform. Ensure that the caps are the same colour as the sports clothes you choose and include the name and logo of your team.

Before ordering the uniforms, have the size of all team members ready, which can prevent certain issues regarding the creation of uniforms. This is because custom orders mean that each uniform is created depending on the size of each member. Try creating a list of the features you need the most before ordering.

Order ahead of time

Purchasing custom sports uniforms, especially in bulk, usually take time for all the parties involved. To make sure the entire team is properly outfitted before the game, it is advisable to place your order before the season’s rush. Also, expect an extension of your lead time when buying high volume quantities due to various reasons. For example, the manufacturing company does not keep a lot of inventories in stock.

You also need to know about the minimum order for re-stocking. While most bulk orders last for 2 to 3 years, you may need to replace a few custom uniforms every season. Perhaps, you have new members on your team, someone lost their uniform, or a few ripped off and accidentally damaged their sports clothes. Regardless of the reason, make sure to know your options, as many custom clothing companies require a specific minimum order for re-stocking.

Sports uniforms play a vital part in building the spirit, unity, and confidence of your team. You may also decide to sell them at sports events for advertising and publicity. Identifying your requirements and budget can help narrow your search for the clothing company to make your sports uniforms.

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