A Guide to Give an Ultimate Makeover to Your Room

You know it is time to remodel your room when your bed is creaking, ceilings are cracking, and the paint is fading. Your room is not just any space in your house; it is a space where you spend most of your quality time, where you have placed all your basic requirements and your possessions, a place where you feel safe to cry or dance your heart out. There are so many emotions attached to one’s personal bedroom. So it is important that your room should always have a perfect ambiance and a beautiful interior which keeps your mood and spirit high.

Apart from emotional reasons, a person also tends to feel bored sitting in the same room and watching the same interior every day. A makeover is important to add freshness in your room. Plus, so many new ideas, designs, and concepts for rooms are coming up which is bound to get your attention and by looking at which, you keep on wanting those designs for yourself.

Before you take a step further in remodeling your room, it is important to consider some major points. Setting your budget is the prime decision you should make. After knowing the fixed budget, you can then move forward to hiring the right type of people who will help you to work in your room.

So here are some of the ways in which you can give a great makeover to your room and change its environment without demolishing anything and spending so much on the room:

1. Change the color of your room: While making changes to your room, the first thing to decide is the color of the room. Color changes the whole aura and vibe of the room. The color of the room will be the foundation of the whole process of the renovation. With the change in color of the walls; the curtains, furniture, closet color- everything will change accordingly and appropriately. Choose the color wisely; pick a color which highlights your whole room. A lighter color makes your room appear bigger. You can pick out the best color from these three tones: warm, neutral, and cool.

2. Make changes to the bed: Your bed is the most important feature of your bedroom. It is the first thing to get noticed when someone enters your room. So it is important that your bed is modern and comfortable at the same time. Making changes to your bed will add a certain appeal and freshness to your room. Changing your mattress is an after-thing; you should first decide on the base and the platform of your bed. You can choose your Thompson or queen platform bed to have a variety of features like enough storage, cushioned or leather back, etc., which makes it modern as well as durable.

3. Work on the closets: Closets occupy most of the space in your room, so it is important that they should be pretty and up to the mark with the room. You need to find a perfect balance while choosing a closet; it should be designed according to you and your room’s style and it should be spacious enough as well. If you have enough space in your bedroom, you can definitely consider having a walk-in closet, which looks sophisticated and classy.

4. Add lighting: Right amount of lighting is very important for the appearance of the room. A room with less or inappropriate lighting will always look dull, no matter how much you have spent on the room interior. A perfect blend of yellow and white lights is what makes the room look beautiful and classy.

5. Flooring: It makes no sense in changing the whole face of the room and sticking to the old flooring. Your old and faded flooring will cause your room to look dull and incomplete. Depending on the color of your room and closets, you can choose your flooring. Commercial carpets or wood floors are the most common choices of flooring these days. You should make the decision based on the kind of maintenance of the room and of course, according to your budget as well.

6. Change the furniture and showcases: After all the base work is done in your room, you can now move over to the final parts of the room makeover. You can change the frames of the photos and buy the latest frame designs and replace the old showcases with the new ones. You can also change the furniture if it is too old, or change its color and fabric itself, which will give it a brand new look.

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