24/7 After Hour Answering Service Call Centers

Do you need support for your technical and customer support team? Do you not have enough people hired for your team because there isn’t anyone who can answer the phones late at night, or after hours? Well, this is a common problem that many businesses face, no matter how big or small they are. By not being able to answer your customer’s calls all hours of the night, you can lose precious customers, which means your company is losing money simply because you can’t be reached after hours. People don’t always want to leave voicemails. When they call with a problem, they want to speak to a person and not have to go through an entire automated system just to leave a voicemail.

What Is After-Hours Support?

Companies such as Direct Line Inc – After Hours Phone Answering Services, Answering365, and many others offer service packages that can give you professional answering services when your business isn’t around. Their job is not to just answer their phones for you, but also to professionally represent your company so that a customer thinks they’re speaking with someone who works for you directly.

What about Holidays?

Well, the convenience of outsourcing to 24/7 after hour answering service call centers is that most of them are open and running literally every day, and they have someone working even the holidays. This can help you have a proper balance for your own job, so that you aren’t having to literally take all of your calls yourself. Why is this important? Because as a business owner, it’s crucial that you have other daunting tasks for your company that are generally in higher priority, and by hiring a 24/7 answering service like Direct Line Inc., you’ve got the phone calls covered so you can focus more on those important matters.

How are Calls Handled?

With proper market research, the representatives answer the phone as if they are answering at your business. They have pat responses that help them better represent your companies, and can literally reply to anything that is asked for them with scripted responses. This is important because there are usually so many calls of the same manner, and it saves you some of the monotony of constantly repeating the same thing over and over to numerous customers per day on how to do something like order a product on your site, for example.

Conclusion: Benefits and Cost

While it does cost in order to hire a 24/7 answering service, it is a lot cheaper than having to hire your own employees, do all of the scheduling, pay for the insurance, the workman’s comp, and even the hourly salary that you would have to pay the representatives if they were directly working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year long. By hiring an outside company, you don’t have to pay all of those extra expenses, nor worry about how to manage everyone’s time. They have their own supervisors for that. If your business is in need of a 24-hour service, don’t hesitate to hire one if you can’t keep up with phone calls after your day ends at the office.

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