10 Preventive Tips To Keep Bed Bugs Away From Your Home

Bed bugs are a major concern for homeowners because they invade easily despite the best precautions and are hard to get rid of. The biggest problem is that they can thrive in a temperate environment, which gives them plenty of opportunity areas to breed in your home. Their presence extends beyond your bed as they are capable of living and multiplying wherever they can find a suitable temperature. Plus the fact that they are elusive and can easily hide in tiny nooks and crevices makes handling them even a bigger challenge.

However, you can still deal with bed bugs and prevent them from appearing in the first place by taking some effective measures. Awareness is the key because there are some simple remedial measures that can help you prevent these troublesome organisms from entering your home. Here are some tips that you can try.

1. Cover your mattress

To start with, do not give bed bugs the room to enter the places where they are most likely to grow. Start by covering your mattress in a zippered cover that encloses it completely. Invest in ones made of high-quality fabric that is durable and fold-resistant. Fabrics that crease or fold, are not suitable because bugs can find shelter in the folds.

2. Inspect your furniture on a regular basis

A periodic inspection of your bed and other furniture is another measure that you can take to prevent bed bug infestation. Older pieces that have cracks and vintage designs with crevasses are the most likely places for these tiny organisms to hide and grow. Be careful and make a preliminary inspection of the second-hand pieces that you buy for your home.

3. Vacuum the carpets

Despite their name, bed bugs do not live only in and around the bed. The carpets in your home make another favorite spot where they thrive. As a preventive measure, vacuum your carpets thoroughly at least a few times in a week. This will eliminate the bugs before they result in a major infestation. Make sure that you dispose of the vacuum bag outdoors to prevent the bugs from re-entering your home.

4. Get professional treatment

If you experience an infestation, avail professional bed bug services rather than try resolving the problem through home remedies. Treatment of bed bugs is a complex process that involves the use of pest control products and tools. Further, experts not only help you to get rid of these pesky invaders but also ensure adequate preventive measures to prevent them from appearing again.

5. Cover the power outlets

Power outlets are an easy hiding spot where bed bugs find shelter to evade extermination. They enter these outlets and hide safely till they can come out and find a new place to live in. They can even travel through the walls using power outlets and spread the infestation across the living space. Make sure that all the unused power outlets in your home are sealed or covered.

6. Clear up the clutter

The more clutter you have in your living space, the more the options for bed bugs to live and multiply. Give your home a periodic refresh, clearing out all the items that you no longer need or use. Eliminate clutter near the walls in particular because this is the ideal spot where these organisms can find shelter.

7. Store clothing in sealed bags while traveling

People who travel a lot usually carry bed bugs from hotel rooms and shared spaces in their clothes. The best way to prevent this is by storing your clothing in vacuum-sealed travel bags while traveling. Pack them after usage immediately to prevent bugs from making way into them to be carried home with you.

8. Check your pet’s bed regularly

Bed bugs can live in your pet’s bed as well because these are warm enough to be a good breeding ground for them. Inspect the area regularly and wash the bedding with hot water to clear up any germs or bugs that find the opportunity to live and multiply therein.

9. Seal the nooks and corners

Another preventive measure to protect your home against these intruders is to seal the nooks and corners so that they do not get a place to enter or hide. Identify and repair the tiniest of cracks and crevasses in the flooring, doors, and windows.

10. Be vigilant about the symptoms

Finally, be vigilant about the bed bug symptoms because the earlier you address them, the better it is. Itchy and red spots on the skin are an indication of bites. Do not overlook these symptoms and make a thorough inspection to find and deal with bugs.

These tiny organisms can hamper the quality of sleep and have a negative impact on your health. So you should take them seriously and consider proper preventive measures and professional help to deal with them fast and effectively.

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