Make Money by Selling Your Photographs

Photography is the best career building choice after completing your education. The question arises that can we make money by selling our photography work online? There are a lot of chances for photographers to sell their photography work online and generate good revenue. Lots of people search the Internet for high-quality photographs that they can use in their projects on payment. You have to put your photos under the scanner before submitting it to any site. Moreover, make sure that your photos have been edited to show-off the greatest possible image. Here are some of the places online where you can sell your photography work easily.

Sell your photography work on Etsy

First of all decide prices for your photos. Etsy is a place where people go for unique photographic artwork. Therefore this is a fine place for you to sell your photography work at your desired prices.

Sell Your Work On

You can sell your photography work on another top online marketplace, eBay. Sell your photos as frames, canvases or stock photos through this site. The online auctions will help decide the market value of your pictures.

Sell Your Photographs on Stock Photography Sites

Several stock photography sites are available on Internet to help people like you. There are so many sites but I have selected the best one for you;

Create Products on

Zazzle is another good place to explore the photography market. Go to zazzle by using your photos, make cool stuff like mugs, key-chains, T-shirts, calendars, and so on. You will have to face some competition but make sure that your photos are able to create a center of attention and beat your competitors.

Create products on

Cafepress is just like Zazzle and you can also use your photography work, prepared for zazzle, for this site as well but with some changes. You have to change the photography products or images to some extent so that they are not the exact same things you sell on Zazzle.

Create Cool Photo Books on Blurb.Com

In this way you have to make a photo book of your photos, write a short essay about your self, and share it with others as a coffee table book. There are an amazing number of people paying attention in such books. It is an interesting activity and will give you good revenue with very less efforts.
Sell Your Photography Artwork in Commercial Spaces

Select your best photography work, frame large sized photos and hang them in local places where you know there will be significant foot traffic like parks or lake-sides. You could also contact to local restaurants and coffee shops and you will be astonished to see how many will actually welcome you on minor share basis.

Hang Your Work at Local Art Galleries

This is very effective and speedy way of making money from your photography work but it is not as easy as it sounds. It demands hard work and patience as you may have to face rejection from some galleries; but it’s also possible that the first gallery proprietor you meet will love your work and agree to allow you demonstrate your work there.

Get a Website to Market Your Photography Work Online

Having your own site is the best way to promote your photography work. Select a portfolio template or gallery template for your website and start your own business site.

I hope these useful tips will help you in selling your photography work online. You only need to work hard and make a strategy to sell your best photos to get reward of your photography work.

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