5 Things to consider when Buying Spices

Spices are an integral part of any cuisine. The demand for seasonings has only increased over the years, and now many different cuisines around the world are dependent on these varieties of spices, which adds flavors to the meal. Without them, preparation is nearly impossible!

Perhaps it’s true, you cannot really create a great meal if you don’t have the right blend of herbs at your disposal. But, how can you choose the spices correctly? Why are the seasonings so unique? There is no such hard and fast rule when it comes to choosing the right herbs.

Continue reading below to learn the things that you need to consider when buying bulk spices.

a. Smell

The smell is the most indistinct feature of any seasoning. If you have ever been to a spice market, you would be overwhelmed by the different aromas of seasonings, and it is a good indicator of the condition of herbs. If a spice blend is smelling nice and strong, then it must be a fresh quality, and on the other hand, if there is no smell and you are getting a different order, consider before buying that batch.

b. Packaging

It is essential to consider the packaging of your spices before buying because it plays a vital role in deciding the shelf life of herbs. You mustn’t be influenced by the attractiveness of packaging all the images of the seasonings provided on the package. Usually, suppose there is a small transparent window provided in the packaging itself. In that case, it can be a good choice because you can visualize the condition of the spice and have an idea about how fresh or moisture is inside the package. Some seasoning packages are cut or open or puffed usually; you should not go for those brands.

c. Know The Source or Origin

You need to have some knowledge about the source or origin of spices. You can’t understand the quality and flavor of the seasoning, without opening the box, but if you check the label given on the back, you can understand the origin of the spices, which gives you an idea about the quality of the product. This also helps to prioritize your choice of seasonings while making the purchase. Many grocery stores or local markets are very particular about exporting them from, so you can take their help while shopping for spices.

d. Taste

The main function of herbs is to enhance the taste of any meal or cuisine. However, when you are shopping for different blends of herbs, it is not practical to taste every spice while buying them. If you are confused between two same-looking seasonings, you can taste and differentiate them by the flavor. If you are getting a strong taste, then the spice is ready to use. On the other hand, if the herb has a mild taste or any different flavor, it’s not recommended to be used.

e. Color

Every spice has a distinct color that indicates the condition of the particular flavor, helping you understand whether it’s stale or fresh. If the seasoning is not in your desired color, then you should think twice before buying it. Even looks or the color of the spice is the first indicator that helps you to understand whether to buy it or not.

f. Buying in Bulk

It is annoying but most of the recipes we require in everyday cooking are needed in one or two tablespoons, which means there is no point in spending money on a whole jar. Some grocery shops allow you to bulk spices, which makes it easier to buy exactly how much you buy. This trick also works for the regularly used herbs; for example, you can buy salt in bulk quantities and keep refilling as needed.

Create Your Spice Blends

There is no need to shell out on a big box for a specialty blend of spices when you can create your own easily. Making and pumpkin pie? Or an all-season seasoning mix? Or a customized dry rub? If you plan to buy a spice blend, look at the label and read all the ingredients before buying. If you see that salt and sugar are the first ingredients in the ingredient list, put that down and walk away. These are the cheap fillers that means that you are not getting the quality for the price you are paying. Are you ready to spice up? Always try to buy herbs locally rather than online, because packed spices are usually mixed with preservatives to increase the longevity of herbs. Don’t forget to read the label provided on the pack when buying any spice. Now that you have some knowledge about your seasonings, you can go and pick up the most delicate quality spices.

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