What to Do Before Hiring Junk Removal Services?

It’s never too easy to get rid of all the junk that has been lying around in our homes for ages. Most of us have the tendency to keep accumulating things without any rhyme and reason, thinking they might prove to be useful someday or the other. This way, they do nothing but keep occupying space in your home. The more time passes by, the more difficult it becomes to get rid of them.

This is why it is always a preferable approach to opt for a minimalist lifestyle. Even if you can’t live without all that jazz, then the second option is to get rid of junk from time to time, and for this, you need to hire the best junk removal Fairfield CA services. As these firms have the required experience, expertise, and tools, they can take out all the junk from your abode in the minimum possible time and effective way.

However, before you go about making that call, there are some important things that you need to do. These include:

Make an Itemized List

To begin with, make a detailed list of items you find unnecessary in your home. Be warned, it may give you a reality check of sorts as you will get to know how many items you have spent money on.

Do not miss out on any item when making this list as it can contribute significantly to determine the exact cost of junk removal services.  

Separate Items that Can Be Sold

An old TV set, DVD player, curtains, rug – some of these items may seem useless for you, but they can still get you some money if you sell them in thrift stores. Renovation waste, such as hinges, knobs, brass fixtures, antique wood, etc. also holds some resale value.

So, when you’re making the list, separate the items that you think can be resold. This can help you cover a bit of expense that you will incur for hiring junk removal services.  

Declutter the Closet, Attic, and Basement

These are the areas where you will find most of the junk. Take it all out and inspect every item. If there’s a clothing piece you haven’t worn in over a year, there’s no place for it in your closet. Similarly, if there’s an old appliance that you haven’t plugged in for a long period, consider giving it away.

Make Three Different Piles

The rule of the thumb when decluttering your home is to make three different piles of stuff. The first one should be the ‘keep’ pile. It should contain only those items that are still useful for you, and you actually intend to use them.

Note: the outfits that you have kept aside to wear when you’ll lose weight should not be included in this category. We hope that you lose weight, but by then, those clothes will be out of fashion, and you’ll eventually have to get rid of them.

The second pile is of donate-worthy items. If there are some items that are still in a good condition and can come in handy for others, consider donating them instead of throwing them away. It may do some good to others.

Lastly, the third pile will contain things that you no longer require and can no longer be used. Old clothes, furniture items, appliances, everything falls into this category.

Determine the Responsibility of Junk Removal

While the junk accumulated in your home is your responsibility, there are some cases when it may not be your job to get rid of the junk. For example, a storm or flood has left a lot of garden waste, you may refer to the homeowner’s policy to get it removed.

Find a Reputable Junk Removal Company

This one’s important. There are many junk removal companies in Fairfield. However, you cannot rely on all of them. Most certainly, you need to find the most reputable company that offers the best services. So, ask for referrals, make some calls and finalize a company. Don’t forget to read reviews and testimonials before doing this. You can find them on social media and other online communities.

The right approach is to make a list of companies and then compare their service charges. Also, take into account what’s included in their services. Once you have compiled all this information, choose the best out of the lot and finalize one. If you do not want to go through this daunting process, the simplest thing to do is to contact 3 Kings Hauling and More. It is one of the most trustworthy companies in Fairfield CA that offers superlative services at economical rates.

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