Pros And Cons Of 9 Materials Used For Making Watches

For some people, a watch is an accessory that plays a part in defining their personalities. Tech savvy people see a watch as a piece of engineering. However, there is a huge segment of men that do not leave home without wearing a watch. There are different types of watches made from different materials each having its own pros and cons. In case you want to buy men’s watches in Australia, being familiar with these materials will help you in making the right choice. Following are the 9 materials commonly used for making men’s watches:


Portable spring drove watches invented by Peter Henlein were pretty heavy.  Most of the watches were made from bronze. Bronze watches are not as common as watches made from other materials.


  • It is inexpensive.
  • Its brown shine adds beauty to watch.


  • Watches made from bronze are not durable.
  • These watches become dull with time.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is a lightweight material which is very strong at the same time. This is a material used in super cars. No doubt this is the strongest material used for making watches. However, watches made from carbon fiber are expensive.


  • Carbon fiber watches are stronger and lightweight.
  • Watches made from this material are cool. After All, the same material is used in super cars.


  • These watches are expensive.

Stainless Steel

This is an alloy of steel and chromium with nickel. This corrosion resistant material is very strong. Stainless steel watches come with two finishing including polish or brush. Watches made from this material are simple and sleek.


  • These watches are corrosion resistant, inexpensive and also maintain their shine.


  • These watches are prone to scratches and fingerprints.

Silicon Rubber

In addition to watches, this material is also used in making toys and medical equipment. Silicon rubber comes in a wide range of colors. So this material is perfect for making funky watches.


  • These watches are waterproof, inexpensive and also very comfortable to wear.


  • These watches cast childish vibes.


This hardened form of clay is also used in common electronics. These watches are perfect for people who love to show off their watches. However, you will have to handle this watch with care.


  • These watches are long-lasting and easy to clean. This material is lightweight, scratch resistant and also maintains its shine.


  • These watches can’t tolerate high force.
  • Ceramic watches are expensive.


This watch is used for making the cheapest watches. This is not one of the best materials used for making watches. However, colorful plastic is used for making funky watches.


  • These are lightweight and inexpensive watches coming in a variety of colors


  • It is not a material for making classiest watches. Plastic is also not good for the environment.


Watches made from wood are truly unique. These watches are handmade. Watches made from this material are the most beautiful watches. A wooden watch is a masterpiece of genuine craftsmanship.


  • These watches are beautiful and unique.


  • Wooden watches demand more care and maintenance.


It is a luxury material used for creating impeccable watches with outstanding value. It is a status symbol.


  • Watches made from this material are 100% corrosion free and therefore durable and long lasting.


  • These watches are heavy and also not comfortable to wear.

Price is very high.


It is one of the strongest materials used for making watches. It is even stronger than stainless steel. Even when it is not as stellar as some other materials, it symbolizes luxury.


  • Titanium watches are lightweight and hypoallergenic. This corrosion resistant material doesn’t trigger allergies.


  • In addition to having a dull appearance, these watches are very pricey.

Learning about the pros and cons of these materials will help you in buying the right men’s watches in Australia.

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