How To Style Birkenstocks this Summer

Birkenstock sandals have been making a comeback and for good reason: they are comfortable and look great with the right outfit. They are cool in hot weather but, thanks to their fantastically designed footbed, remain comfortable even if you are moving around a lot. You may be thinking, sounds great but what can I wear them with this summer? Below are a few ideas.

Summery Shorts and a Top

Birkenstocks look great with a nice casual outfit. If you pair together light, summery colors for a top and shorts, your sandals will fit right in. This can work whether you have traditional leather sandals or one of the many color options.

A Casual Sundress

Again, a casual look works great with Birkenstocks. Better yet, since a sundress is easy to throw on, getting it to match with your sandals is pretty easy, especially if they are neutrally colored. This is a simple way to make an attractive but easy-going look.


An outfit with joggers and Birkenstock sandals is another great summer look. The theme here, as with the other suggestions, is to keep it casual. Better yet, the sandals are easy to transition to if you have been doing anything active.

Finding the Right Pair

The great thing about buying these sandals today is that there are plenty of options. There are several styles each with a selection of color choices for both men and women. You can even choose the material you like best. While the original style is made using leather, some people prefer the lightweight and flexible Birkenstock Arizona Eva sandals.

Make sure to consult the sizing chart before you buy. Birkenstock doesn’t use the traditional US sizing scale. However, these sizes largely map to a half size each in the typical scale. So, once you are used to it, buying is fairly simple. Once you know your size and the right color and style, you are ready to pair your Birkenstocks with some amazing summer outfits.

Going for comfortable and stylish sandals this summer can be great not just for your legs but for your mood as well. If you wear comfortable sandals then you can really roam around well without any trouble and you will really feel fresh and relaxed. Your mood will be great and you will feel light on your legs. So, wearing comfortable sandals can help you a lot in making your mood great and keep it calm even in biting summers.

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