Top Trending Kitchen Splashbacks to Protect the Walls

The kitchen is undoubtedly the most used place in every house. It is believed that an individual, on a normal day, spends about 4 to 5 hours in the kitchen prepping their meals and favourite dishes. It being such a busy place, the kitchen also operates in immense heat, oil spills and water splashes. This is why kitchen splashbacks are gaining popularity considering the protection it gives to the kitchen back wall from heat, steam, food and water splashes and spills.

Splashbacks today are available in a variety of colours, designs and materials. Apart from their protective feature, you can use splashbacks as a creative space to add colour, depth and a polished look to your kitchen.

The article will introduce you to some of the kitchen design trends you can take inspiration from.  

Top Trending Kitchen Splashbacks to Protect the Walls

Stone Splashbacks

Solid stone is a widely popular material for splashbacks. Available in different materials and designs, stone adds an effortless look to your kitchen. In addition, it is a much more durable option compared to alternatives like tiles. Stone is also easier to clean and maintain. 

Some of the popular types of stones used as splashbacks are:

  • Granite

Granite has been around for ages. It continues to hold its place in the list of the top trends because of the elegant and luxurious look it offers while being highly durable. They make an excellent addition to your kitchen as the material can resist dirt and also possess antibacterial properties.

  • Marble

The advantage of using marble is that one cannot replicate the design and pattern of a piece. You can end up with a one of its kind marble splashback. Marble is a cost-effective, heat resistant material. It is also porous; thus, it requires a good sealant to keep the stains away.

  • Quartz

Quartz makes it to the list of top stone materials as it is a nearly indestructible and non-porous material. In case of food splashes, you can easily clean the surface using water and soap. There is no need for the splashback to be sealed. 

Quartz is an environment-friendly, customisable and attractive looking option while helping keep bacteria away from the surface.

Porcelain Splashbacks

You can say goodbye to grout issues with long porcelain slabs as splashbacks. It is a high-density type of ceramic, with features such as heat resistance, UV-resistant and antibacterial. These splashbacks are manufactured with a blend of clay and other colour pigments, creating different patterns and styles.

Porcelain slabs can also be tailored according to your specific kitchen size requirement. The material will not fade due to sunlight or varying temperatures. Porcelain makes for a cost-effective option as the material will endure wear and tear and maintain its glow through the years. 

Patterned Tiles

People are making brave choices when it comes to tiles. Moving away from the plain and single coloured tile, patterned tiles are gaining favour among the masses. Moroccan designs are one the best selling tiles for splashbacks. Floral and geometric patterns are other options you can explore.

Tiles continue to be used in the kitchen as they are cheap and low maintenance. Ensure you also clean the grouts regularly to keep bacteria at bay. 

You will have options galore when choosing splashbacks with unique designs, patterns, styles, colours and materials. You can start by exploring kitchen splashbacks online by browsing through samples and finished projects. You can also contact renovation experts to understand what material would be best suited for your kitchen.

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