Tips for Basic Lawn Care and Maintenance in Yukon

One of the essential features of any garden is a lawn. Most people use it to improve the aesthetics of their homes and it serves this purpose nicely.

A lawn can serve as a border, specimen tree, flower bed, shrubbery, or a simple flowering shrub. The grass found in a garden is the toughest perennial herbs, and this makes it very difficult to maintain. It is generally believed that the beauty of any garden largely depends on a well-maintained lawn. By implication, if you do not maintain the grass, the value will drop.  

The best time of the year to maintain your grass is during autumn and spring, this will help the grass to grow properly during summer. However, if you live in Yukon and cannot maintain or do not know what to do about your lawn, there are experts that handle lawn care in Yukon OK who will be able to help you restore your grass to its lush green nature. You can try them out.

We have also outlined some tips in this article that will help you with basic maintenance of your turf.   

Basic Lawn Care and Maintenance Tips

The following are some basic lawn care and maintenance tips:

Remove Thatch, Weeds, and Moss  

These unwanted plants found in a lawn can lead to stunted growth of the grasses by blocking the passage of air and nutrients to the roots of the grass. Thatch is an organic matter that grows between the soil and the leaves which results in the death of leaves, grasses, and root stems. This prevents essential nutrients and moisture from getting down to the soil and the roots.

You can get rid of thatch through a process known as scarification.  Weeds can either be flowers or seed heads. You can use your hand to pull out the weeds; however, if the weeds are many, you can use a large quantity of herbicide that is low in toxicity.

Mosses can be described as plants that are not flowers; they lead to the deterioration of the garden quality. You will see them in areas with high shade, moisture, and poor turf. The best way to remove these plants is through feeding and scarifying.

Improve Drainage 

If the drainage in your lawn is in a poor state, it will become waterlogged. This will cause other problems that will reduce the quality of your garden. The most common cause of waterlogging is the soil’s capacity to retain a large amount of water and garden landscaping.

You can get through this situation by changing the type of soil in your garden or constructing drainage systems and gutters that will move the excess water away. You can also cultivate wet plants that need a large amount of water. 


This technique allows adequate penetration of water and air into the root of the grass so that the grass will access the right amount of nutrients while growing. This is a perfect way to take care of a lawn that is plagued by waterlogging and drought.

You can carry out aeration on the land by digging small holes in various parts of the soil using machines or garden fork. If you need a visual aid on how to aerate your soil, you can check out this video.


Over-seeding is a technique used to rejuvenate worn-out and tired grasses. It involves planting many grass seeds that are rich in fertilizer. Doing this will cover the thinning and damaged areas and at the same time enhance the color.

Additionally, it eliminates moss and weed. Before spreading the seeds, the surface must be scarified, mowed, and properly watered. When you are done with the spreading of the seeds, you have to make sure that the lawn is moist enough for the seeds to germinate. 

Watering and Feeding  

Watering is an important part of maintaining grass. A lawn that does not have enough water will have the color of the grass changed and flattered when someone walks across it. There are many grasses feeds on the market. The kind that you should go for largely depends on the weather and soil texture of your area. You have to follow the recommended instructions while applying the grass feeds. 

Top Dressing 

This technique is used to enhance soil quality. This will also provide additional drainage and drought resistance measures as well as reduce other imperfections in the soil. You can also carry out top dressing once a year so that the seeds will be protected and nourished.

These are some recommendations that come in handy in maintaining your lawn. If you need more tips, you can go ahead and search online. However, if you do not have a lawn yet but you do have intentions to have one soon, then you will need a guide for the process. If you need tips on how to seed a lawn from scratch, you can check here…..


Having a lawn with healthy-looking grass is beautiful. In fact, most people desire this but they lack ideas on how to achieve it. We have outlined some tips to help you in maintaining your turf to get the effect you desire. You can also contact experts to handle it if you feel it’s beyond your capacity at the moment.

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