The best gifts for your loved ones this Christmas season with Myntra’s EORS’13.

It is pretty safe to assume that almost, if not all of us, have had quite a challenging year. Festivals and other celebrations have been the heroes of this year, actively helping all of us get through, so why leave the chance to end this year with just as much fun? With Christmas just around the corner and Myntra’s End of Reason Sale coming up right along with it, there is no better place to get your Christmas shopping done. Whether you need to shop for yourself or grab some gifts your loved ones are going to adore, Myntra’s Sale has the perfect products for all your needs.

One of the best collections in this Sale is undoubtedly the G Shock Watches collection. The timelessness and versatility in this collection is something you could use as these are crucial elements making any product worth the spend. Consisting of watches from a well-reputed brand like Casio, these watches are going to be worth your money.

Here are some of the features from these G Shock watches worth taking a look at:

Water Resistance:

Most of these watches are water-resistant in upto 200m of water so it will be easy to use them without having to walk on eggshells to save your watch every time there is a little water around.

Bluetooth Connectivity:

These watches also give you access to use Bluetooth, making it a whole lot easier to manage your devices with your watch.


G Shock watches in this collection from Myntra are not only useful but also incredibly stylish, coming in a wide range of different colours including green, blue, beige, navy blue, olive, metallic and many more. The variety in colours makes it easier to pick out these watches as gift options.

These G Shock watches come with a minimum warranty of 2 years so it is a safe investment that will rid you of having to worry about watches anytime shortly. To buy or not to buy is not a question you should be asking yourself as fashionable watches are a must-have in your collection of accessories. These G Shock watches are an ideal choice to fill that place, you can put them on with any outfit without thinking twice, and they will work their magic.

Casio is known for having excellent quality watches that suit everyone’s tastes. Myntra has put in utmost consideration as well, and efforts into curating a lovely collection of G Shock watches for its customers. The End of Reason Sale is a great time to spend on any watch of your choice for yourself and your loved ones. Starting from 20th December, this Sale is the most awaited one with exciting offers and deals on all your favourite brands. This season, make sure you keep an eye out for more information on Myntra’s End of Reason Sale so that you don’t end up missing out on anything!

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