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To lead a healthy life three things which are important are food, clothing, and shelter. The primary one is a shelter. It is everyone’s dream to have their own house, where you can build your dream and grow old with that. Home is such a place where you can relax, chill, and spend your quality time with your family. With your house, there are many more things come which are equally important to build a complete beautiful home, like a door, roof, windows, gutters etc. It can be dangerous if these things are not good in quality. Only walls can’t make a house, you need a good roof for shedding, quality windows, and doors to maintain privacy and maintain protection from outside.

So if you are planning to take service for the door, roof, windows, gutters etc. for your home Ameri-Dry Home Services is the right choice to make. Our main motto is to provide satisfaction to our valuable customer; this is our prime goal because customers are the main reason for any business to thrive. If you can make your customer happy you don’t have to look back ever. Mainly we are into door, roof, windows, gutters etc. From last thirty-five years, we are into this business. Our service covers a Mid-Atlantic geographical area including Baltimore and metropolitan areas, Southern Pennsylvania, and Northern Virginia.


Reasons to choose our service

We have a specialized team of inspectors, operations team, and service personnel who will help you to choose the right decision for buying roof, windows, or door. Now the question arises that why to choose Ameri-Dry Home Services? You can find many others service companies as well, but if you want hassle free service we are always there to help you, we are market’s best roof, window, and door installation service provider. You can trust fully on us as our inspectors, operations team, and service personnel are fully trained and have more than 30 years of experience in this industry. The material supplied by us all is full life warranty. We accept payment in many ways; we approve financial option as well. Our service cost is much affordable than others. We provide service for installing new roofs; re-roof windows replacement, Security Doors, and Gutter Replacement to our local valuable customers. Our contact number and email id are given on our official website; you can either write down us or can call us to book an appointment or if you want to meet our customer care executive personally take an appointment, we will send our executive on given time. If you have any query fill the form given on our website will revert back to you with your answer. The owner of Ameri-Dry Home Services is an ex-member of the army, so if you are from army background you can avail discounts to the military, firefighters, and police personnel. Our companies Ameri-Dry Home Services hold a valid license and being a Licensed Contractor we provide service in all states.

Types of roofing system we offer:

We at Ameri-Dry Home Services provide many services; roofing system is one of them. You can get plenty of various kind of roofing materials from us, some are into little bit higher price but all are with a lifetime warranty and you can save in long run by taking quality roofing material from us. Our trained specialist will educate you about the life cycle cost of all roofing material so that you do not have any doubt in your mind. The roof is such a part of your home.

Which will protect you from the scorching heat, rain, wind and from many things, so everyone should make their roof strong? Our roofing system will give you a satisfaction of lifetime warranty. Our expert will visit your home and according to your own need, we will provide the best material. Asphalt shingles, Engineered Rubber or Plastic, and Metal are some lines of products we use for the roofing system. Asphalt shingles can use for any house; it is less costly in comparison to Engineered Rubber or Plastic and Metal. The advantage is durability is good, have the capacity of fire resistance, you can repair easily, and you can get in multiple colors. The disadvantage is it is not environment-friendly and the lifespan is 15-30 years.

Roofing service1

Engineered Rubber or Plastic is very new to the market and they are made of reclaimed materials. It is long lasting in comparison to Asphalt shingles. Its lifespan is 30-50 years. It is attractive worthy and available in multiple color and style on the market. In metal roof style, you can get a different look. All steel, aluminum, tin, and copper metals these are available for the roofing system. The metal roofing system is perfect for bungalows, cottages, ranches, historical and contemporary homes. The advantages are log life span more than 50 years, multiple color option you will get; maintenance cost is also less than other. Over the years you need to repaint the metal roof for long-term use. You can ask our expert to install it on your current roof.

Window service that we offer:

We at Ameri-Dry Home Services are popular for window replacement. We provide service in Oregon and Southwest Washington. After getting a call from you, our expert team will reach to your home and finish the window replacement or installation work. Our company will provide a lucrative discount offer. If you buy or replace more than four windows you can save $100 per window. Buy one and get 40% off on another. With the minimum purchase, you can avail $100 off on each window or door.

Types of door service we offer:

The door is the entrance to your home, it is said the first impression is the last impression so that visitors can notice it. We are expertise in all kind of entry door installation. Type of entry door we offer that is steel entry door and wooden entry door. The steel door is airtight and cost effective. It gives you a complete security. The Wooden door gives you an elegant and traditional look. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or Google Plus. We provide a free consultation as well. To book a free consultation fill the form given on our website, we will get back to you at earliest.

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