Gardening Tricks and Tips for Smaller Garden

Small space gardens have witnessed a substantial growth in the last few years. People have now understood that you don’t need a huge farm to indulge in the delight of growing your own food. The residential houses are now becoming the urban homesteads with people opting for different small space garden ideas and designs such as the rooftop gardens.

With these small gardens, not just the countryside people but also the urban population is trying to take control of the food supply by themselves. From time to time, different and creative techniques of gardening are being picked upon by the people with small home gardens. These techniques result in high yields in spite of small spaces which is more than enough to sustain their own families and also sell the leftover to generate some extra income.

Here are some gardening tricks and tips for smaller gardens:

1.    Aim for nutrition more than aesthetics: Though the ornamental grass looks aesthetically pleasing but you should also plant something edible because grass requires a lot of water and constant mowing. However If you want to have a beautiful lawn from seed, answer to an important question – ‘When is the grass seed germination time?’ should be known to you beforehand because you need to keep the seed and soil moist for the same. So, in addition to garden that pleases the aesthetic sense, prepare for a garden that also focuses on edible produce and therefore let your landscape serve you nutritionally as well.

2.    Create a habitat that invites pollinators: This is one of the most important tricks and is often otherwise overlooked by majority. In order to invite pollinators for a healthy gardening habitat, you should mix your vegetable and herbs with some flowers which will easily attract the pollinators. Having pollinators in your garden plays a very important role in your garden’s success.

3.    Increase your planting surface by creating dimensions: When you have a flat surface of say 7 sq ft, you can utilize some of the space in the middle say 2 sq ft and create some depth and dimension by way of mound which can easily double up your yield in that space. This way a 7 sq ft of land can garner the yield equal to the yield of 9 sq ft of land.

4.    Don’t underestimate the power of fertilizers: The people who undertake small space gardening such as raised bed gardening, box gardening and container gardening should remember that the plants in such small gardens deplete soil nutrients much quicker than the plants in large space gardens. Therefore, you need to take care of the nutritional needs of the soil in your small garden. You need to regularly add organic compost and regularly spray your small garden area with compost tea. You should also opt for crop rotation in order to keep your soil healthy which will in turn keep your plants healthy.

5.    Focus on plants that produce high yields: In case of small gardens, you should focus on plants varieties that will help you in the optimum utilization of your available space. You should not plant those veggies that take up a large space and produces relatively less yield such as cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli. Some of the plants that produce high yields while taking up less space are radishes, lettuce, spinach, onions, carrots and greens. Also, plants that vines are also a good option because once the vine grows, they can be hanged vertically and therefore you can use the available land to plant other vegetables.

6.    Grow fresh fruit with trees of dwarf variety: Now almost all varieties of fruit trees are available in dwarf size which allows the people with small yards to plant fruit trees in smaller spaces. You can grow varieties of fruit such as plum, pear and grapefruit with dwarf size trees. However, the only thing to remember here is that the fruit trees need to cross pollinate and this is why you should plant two different trees in order for them . Find The Local Tree Experts helps you to produce more plant on your garden.
So, with the help of these 6 tricks and tips for gardening in small spaces, you can increase your produce manifolds and also indulge in the goodness of home grown fruits and vegetables by utilizing every available space in your garden.

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