Dots or Stripes? Mixing Patterns in Your Home Décor

Interior design is sometimes completely wrongly accused of being easy and simple. It probably comes from the belief that furnishing and decorating a home is just placing a few chairs here and lamp there. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. It’s not only about the knowledge gained at universities and schools, it also requires talent and gift of creativity. Experience is gained here not only through hard work but the constant improvement and learning as well. Interior designers are often presented with a challenge to enrich the space and create a home for someone else while respecting their clients’ wishes and upholding the principles and norms of design.

What one would consider incompatible, the designer can harmonize and join in the unique order of shapes, colors and style. With a great sense of balance and envisioning, the décor can be so perfectly integrated with the client’s affinities and persona that it would seem as though they themselves did the designing. But one of the most satisfying parts of the job to the designer is to reinvent the perception of impossible pairs, like small apartments – dark walls, minimalist – cozy or dots – stripes. The later is especially an attractive challenge, one we are about to look at more closely in this article.

1. Shy

If you’re unsure what will look good on a big scale, then start small and then slowly adapt and apply changes. There is no shame in being shy, but rather it shows the space for improvement and eagerness to learn, which are two of the important traits of any designer. If you use wallpapers with for example sky blue wide and white narrow stripes, you can use the sky blue rug with white dots. This way the blue will be a dominant color, and white is always the safest and the most compatible shade. This kind of scheme is perfect for children’s room or the dining area because of the cheerful design tone.

2. Imaginative

Try a bit of eclectic style with unconventional stripes and dots perfect for more personal space like bathroom or bedroom. Combine zigzagged pattern for the floor tiles in your bathroom in black and white, and use the row of round flowers as a personification of dotted object to decorate the one row on the walls. This way you will add some creativity to the bathroom décor and yet keep it simple and clean, to enjoy the calm and relaxing ambiance when you soak yourself in the bathtub with some soothing music.

3. Wild

Free your wild side with animal prints and patterns in your bedroom or living room. Use zebra stripes on the bedpost and cheetah spots on the big and rich carpet. Choose them in their natural color with just a slight deviation and modern interpretation of the original schemes on the real animal fur to gain capricious and daring temperament to the room. Make sure to surround these kinds of patterns with natural tones which will complement their wild and exotic sides. If you find this combination to be too glamorous, you can always use more subtle and gentler tones to tone it down.

4. Warm and comfortable

An exciting design like dots and stripes doesn’t mean you can’t create the welcoming atmosphere which will provide a peaceful and serene environment. Using the neutral and less vibrant colors like warm brown, beige, mahogany and olive green you can create a homey ambiance and still be classy with stripes and dots. Try the striped carpet in different stripe width and with three color scheme, and pair it with the dotted high-quality sheer curtains, in the same predominant shade. This combination will go perfectly with the natural trend in design today promoting wood and organic application, but it will also be a perfect fit for a family living room or master bedroom.

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5. Romantic

Allow yourself to share your romantic personality with your guests with floral arrangements in your interior design. If you did your homework on interior decorating than you’ve noticed that flowers are back in style in the design world. What was considered tacky just a decade ago, now is a must-have accessory to be integrated into modern and lavish styles. This is a perfect design which you can use in the most of the house. For the stripes and dots mix, choose a beautiful and comfortable chair with small round orange marigolds on the navy blue background and pair it with long orange and white striped curtain.


Once in a while, it’s good to try something new and challenging for the change of scenery but also to mark a new phase or reinvent yourself. If you want to try something outside of your comfort zone, try dots and stripe combinations and give them a chance to bring thrilling décor into your home.

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