How Much Does It Cost to Replace Windows in Scarborough?

If you are planning to renovate your home in the nearest future, be sure to allocate funds for window replacement in Scarborough.

Now that we’re talking about the budget, a lot of homeowners don’t understand how much it can cost, so they can’t even estimate their project.

We are ready to help you and tell you what factors affect the pricing of such products.

Average Cost to Replace Windows in Scarborough

Window replacement is a costly affair. Surely you do not want to overpay for what you do not need or make a mistake when choosing a window model.

Here are the main points that you should consider:


The most popular options on the market are wood, fiberglass, and vinyl.

Wood is preferred by those who like the classic style. However, this material is prone to rotting and deformation, and it also requires constant care. In addition, such windows are quite expensive: from $600 to $1,300.

A fiberglass is a great option that simulates the structure of wood. These products do not need such care as wooden ones. Their average price is $350-$800.

Vinyl is the most popular raw material for window construction manufacturing. This material has proven itself in operation: it withstands extreme temperature variations, is resistant to deformation, and retains an attractive appearance for a long time. These products cost $250-$700.


The bigger window you choose, the more expensive it will cost.

Glass type

Glass features (single, double, or triple) also influence the cost of the project.


The most popular are Casement Windows, their price is $350-$850. 

The cost of a Single Hung is $200-$300. A Double Hung is a little bit more expensive – $300-$600. The average price of a Single Slider is $300-$800, and a Double Slider is $400-$1000.

The most expensive are Bay and Bow Windows, these models will cost you $900-$1700.


Handles, locks, blinds, and other fittings also affect the cost of the project.

Installation features

Different models require different methods of installation. 

For example, bay windows installation (due to its complexity) will cost more than the installation of sliders.

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