Best dorm room gadgets

Are you bored of your room or looking for some new ideas to decorate with tech things? Sadly, if you are a fresh university student, you might be allotted a boring dorm room with plain walls, no pictures hanging, no fancy lights plus no attractive piece of work to appeal to you. University life is hectic, from doing thesis to completing projects day and night. You may find help if you decide to purchase dissertation for your upcoming writing tasks.

If you still fulfill all your duty but does not feel comfortable in your room, is it really worth to going university? Well, you can’t change your study place but surely can change your room. You can pick various electronic devices to light up the room and make things comfortable for yourself. Here is a list of some gadgets that will help you have the wonderful experience of dorm life:

Echo Dot from Amazon:

This device is of the reputed company of amazon and has amazing sounds and audio system installed in it. It is better than Google Assistant and will operate upon internet connections. You can ask any questions and even perform activities upon your requests such as searching any outlet, listening to music, and much more. It is available at an affordable price of 300$ and comes in only black color.

Smart Display & Smart Clock:

Having a display and clock would be comfortable for a student. These two devices belong to Lenovo company and vary in prices from different websites. Smart Display will run commands with your voice and touch technology and also offers a high-resolution screen display.

Smart Clock is available at an affordable price and a good solution for waking up early in the morning. You can choose clocks of different colors and also choose your style on order. However, the clock has low visibility at night and does not access the home screen on touch.

Wi-Fi Smart Plug:

Using a smart plug with Wi-Fi installed in it will make your life comfortable. It will connect your electronic devices with this plug and you can easily switch on and off from your mobile phone. All you need is to simply tap on the phone and the appliances will turn on/off. The most affordable Wi-Fi smart plug is of WeMo Mini which is less than 300$. However, it may get sluggish and lose all energy to use plugs.

Duffel Bag:

Are you looking for a travel bag with space? The duffel bag is of Highline company and has space of clothes and even laptop. Your products will be safe in this bag and you can carry them everywhere for traveling and in university. Its price is affordable which is 630$.

Charging USB device:

Having a charging device among your gadget will be beneficial for your to charge your mobiles and even your laptops. They are based on a USB charging device and of Zendure company, named as SuerPort4 device. It will charge your devices in less time at full speed. It is costly but will be helpful in an emergency situation.

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